Thursday, April 05, 2012

Notes from Wednesday

First, here’s a feature story on inside linebacker and captain Will McHale.

I asked head coach Tony Reno if there was any update on the QB situation and he had this to say: “They’re all working for it. No one yet. We’ll hopefully have that shaken out by the end of spring. There’s no frontrunner right now.”Yale’s four QBs are: junior Harry Furman, senior Derek Russell, junior Jake Semones and junior John Whitelaw.

When talking to McHale, he gave some insight on the Bulldogs defense so far this spring.
McHale said he’s excited with the progression of the young defensive line and that athleticism should make up for the lack of size on the defensive end.

Junior LB Beau Palin has shown an incredible motor. Senior DL Chris Dooley has been looking strong, as well as senior LB Ryan Falbo. Sophomore LB EJ Conway has emerged and McHale said he has tremendous potential.

The secondary seems to be one of the deeper spots on the defensive side of the ball. McHale said Collin Bibb and Kurt Stottlemyer have been standing out in the secondary.

“It’s going well,” McHale said. “Coach is pushing us hard and we’re proud of how guys are reacting. We’re taking it day to day and focusing on improving.”

Reno on offensive and defensive lines: “I’ve been impressed with the young offensive line, impressed with how hard they’re working. The same goes for the defensive line and how hard they’re working. Both groups have really made strides in four practices. As far as technique, they’re getting hard and low. I’ve seen improvement, definitely improvement.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Coachspeak, but seriously: what new coachh is going to say after his first four practices with a new tem: "Well, I'm coaching, but these kids aren't trying very hard." Oh, for the old Columbia Garrett days of "drug addicted losers." Not that the Bulldogs are drug-addicted losers, it's just that all this upbeat positivity has to be taken with a mountain of Morton's.

8:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are the impact rising sophomores on the OL and DL? Who will play as sophomores?

12:09 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

walt yale blue nice to have you aboard chris my friends and i have been out to see the team practice about three times we were out friday in the bowl its a little early to see who stands out on offense or defense all the qb look good no front runner right now i think we will be looking at some of the incomingfreshman for help on both lines afew names that stand out are offense tackle braden meador 6-5 290 ben killion 6-6 295 and dustin ross 6-4 265 on defense cole champon lb 6-1 195 supposed to be very good and mikhail reece 6-4 245 defense end time will tell we all want coach reno and the team todo well .thanks chris keep the news coming walt yale blue.

11:37 AM 

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