Thursday, March 08, 2012

Report: Kyle Metzler hired at Dartmouth

The site is reporting that former Yale assistant coach Kyle Metzler has accepted a job coaching tight ends and tackles at Dartmouth.

Metzler, the only former Yale player on Tom Williams' staff over the last two seasons, coached tight ends and was the recruiting coordinator for the Bulldogs during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

People I spoke to credited Metzler for doing much of the leg work in recruiting from the time that Williams resigned and Tony Reno was hired even though there was no guarantee he would be retained by the new regime at Yale so it's fitting that he landed on his feet.



Anonymous Truly Blue '59 said...

I'm disappointed he wasn't retained. Kyle Metzler seemed energetic, committed, and quite effective at recruiting. And he was BLUE.

9:53 PM 
Anonymous WALT MUEEAY YALE BLUE said...

jim a little football talk. last year when you looked down at yale side you noticed alot of football players out with injurys. sometimes it looked like a hospital emec ward. any updates on these players that were out last year and if they will play this about KAHLIL KEYS IS HE STILL IN SCHOOL AND WILL HE PLAY REALLY WOULD LIKE TOO SEE HIM PLAY. ALSO MAX FINK HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR IN THE IVES DID NOT PLAY A DOWN. SOME OF THE FRESHMAN DID PLAY WELL LASTYEAR EITHER ON THE JV OR VARSITY I WAS DISAPPOINTIN THE PLAY OF STRPHEN SHOEMAKER HAS TO GET TOUGHER STRONGER WAS MANHANDLE IN MOST OF THE GAMES. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THANKS.

12:39 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

I haven't heard anything about any freshmen not returning to the team but since spring practice opens in 2 1/2 weeks, I'd expect an updated roster to be put up by Yale shortly and should know more when that happen.

4:29 PM 

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