Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking at Patrick Witt's combine numbers

I've had a few requests for an update on how former Yale quarterback Patrick Witt performed at the NFL combine.

The NFL Network televised some of the combine and I did see Witt threw twice. His first throw on a long route down the sideline was overthrown while he was right on target for the shorter throw. I placed a call to his agent to get a sense of any feedback he received from NFL scouts. As for the agility drills, Witt did not run the 40 or do the bench press. His best performance came in the 20-yard shuttle as his time of 4.37 was eighth among 13 quarterbacks and his vertical jump of 31.5 inches was tied for ninth among 15 QBs. Witt had a time of 7.34 in the 3-cone drill (11th among 13 QBs) and had a broad jump of 101 inches (15th among 16 quarterbacks).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I taped the QB segment of the combine (he was in Group 5) and saw Witt throw about 20 passes. His best by far were the deep throws to the outside shade of the 50 yard line. He threw them on the dot each time, which surprised me, even drawing some applause on all four. Of the 20 throws, probably 14 were on point, the rest were a bit erratic.

4:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

considering the qb's and receivers had no history together, the qb's all did just fine. this is why luck and rg3 didn't throw. what the heck do you expert eye's want from these young men????

6:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Jim. His agent - or any agent - is going to spin it and lie. Unless you want to be Witt's own pr man the agents thoughts are useless.

7:27 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

You're going to be disappointed then because I spoke to his agent and will be posting a blog about it, his lies and spinning the truth included I am sure.

7:30 PM 
Anonymous Mark F. Magazu, II said...

Darn those surly agents!!

11:14 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick57 said...

With all the attention given to Patrick Witt, I can't help thinking of Brian Dowling, who was the opposite of Witt: His passes were like wounded ducks, he was not fast but very shifty, and he was a triple threat ( he kicked too!). All he could do was WIN!
Witt had all the stats but led his teams to barely .500 and lost several games throwing interceptions.

11:01 AM 

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