Friday, May 15, 2015

Yale showing interest in OLB Clifton Askew

Yale has made an offer to Lake Highland Prep OLB Clifton Askew, according to

The 6-2, 212 Askew played at Moeller (Ohio) before moving on to Lake Highland Prep (Florida). Askew had 88 tackles (15 TFL) while playing DE last season.

Check out some highlights of Askew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Askew looks ok and has a nice motor, but still seems to be a ways away. A recent poster asked which players from this incoming class can make an impact this year. I think there are a few players others that may have a chance to make impacts as well. However it is going to be tough for them to crack in line-up given the fact that we have had some success this past year, got a good amount or returning players, and we have had 2 good recruiting classes of kids that have played a lot. As it has been mentioned many times before we are a young team, which is not an excuse, (as some previous posters have claimed, just a fact). That said based on current needs here are the guys who I think may be able to make an immediate impact. As 9:39PM from a few days ago mentioned clearly offensively Hines is our trump card. For all intents and purposes we all expect him to come in and make an immediate impact on the team. So we can get him out of the way immediately.

On Offense:

Although I don’t see him getting any time this year I think The Moore kid will be a nice QB in the future. He is the same type of QB that Roberts seems like with more athleticism. With a few years and some size gains he looks like he may be a great answer in the future at QB. We had big year recruiting last year at WR and are deep so it doesn’t look like there will be any impact there. At RB although we have a need none of these guys look like they are ready right now. Some pay pan out but with what we have and the switches of position (Reuland & Locke) I don’t see it.

OL Jamison Hale also looks great on film and finishes blocks very well. Needs to add some size to that 260, but he moves well and is a good pass protector as well. Michael Johnson an intriguing prospect as well that has great size. In addition he is the #1 ranked heavyweight HS wrestler in the country. This is a tremendous plus and we are assured that he had great balance and leverage given this. I think he may challenge for a spot.

At TE Edrico Oliver, Jackson Keimeg, and Jake Schmidt all look like they can pan out to be great players. They all have size, great body control, can catch well and can block. Buric and Little are both seniors and have played well so getting time this year may be tough for them unless we experience injuries. But one of these guys probably could make a case as the H-Back in a few years too.

On Defense:

DL Daniel James is supposed to be the stud of the bunch. His film looks pretty good but he is a bit small. It remains to be seen when he starts to mix it up with the guys in practice how he fairs though. He looks like he has nice leverage and can make plays. Will be anxious to see how he plans out during camp.

LB Quinten Herbert looks like he may be able to make some sort of an impact with Opplinger, Egu, Larkin & Manora at his side. OH produces good LB’s and Ohio State thought enough to make him a preferred walk on. The Balter kid is a player and looks like he can play TE or LB, even though he is designated as an LB on the recruit list. Jimmy Wilkins is a FS that we are converting to an LB apparently. This looks like a good move as he is too tall for DB and looks like he likes to hit. Put 20 LB’s on him and he looks like he could turn into a great LB that can play the run and cover well also. Looks like he can turn into a player.

DB Marquise Peggs is a player too; quite aggressive and athletic. We are possibly deepest at the DB position and young, but this kid looks like he can definitely play. Maybe not this year but I look at him getting reps definitely within the next 2 years.

This all remains to be seen once we start the season. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!


3:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Michael Johnson joined the flock? He isn't on the latest Portal 31 list, and I understood he was going to prep school for a year.

4:43 PM 
Anonymous walt yale blue said...

Chris nice job on the yale basketball recruits. Jones did not say anything about Sem Kroon any news on him? Is he coming back ?

1:59 PM 

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