Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Game: Yale offense edges defense

Yale's offense edged the defense 48-46 in the annual Blue-White scrimmage on Saturday, which finished off the spring practice session for the Bulldogs.

Here's a story from Saturday's scrimmage.

And below are the list of the team awards for the spring session...

Offensive Big Award: Beau Iverson, OT, So

Defensive Big Award: Marty Moesta, DE, So.

Offensive Big Skill Award: Stephen Buric, TE, Jr.

Defensive Big Skill Award: Austin Carter, LB, Jr.

Offensive Skill Award: Chris Williams-Lopez, WR, Fr.

Defensive Skill Award: Dale Harris, CB, So.

Offensive Strength & Conditioning MVP: Candler Rich, RB, So.

Defensive Strength & Conditioning MVP: Victor Egu, LB, So.

Offensive Strength & Conditioning MIP: Logan Scott, QB, Jr.

Defensive Strength & Conditioning MIP: Will Bryan, DB, Fr.

One Team Award: Roger Kilgore III, Safety, Jr. & Robert Clemons III, WR, So.

Every Play Every Day Award: Austin Reuland, RB, Jr.


Anonymous Mark said...

I know he won't be playing much this year, but I was impressed with the way Rafe Chapple threw the ball. Not his fault most of his good throws were dropped. Possibly the QB of the future???

11:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

am i the only one who finds all these oddly named awards a bit dumb?

12:57 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't take much from the spring game, the good players didn't even play. Reuland is a nice kid but he would be competing for carries at Springfield. If Yale is going to do anything it's with Rich and Salter.

12:58 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Greg Hall wasn't planning on ever wanting that ring back.

2:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; What happened to RB's Barton and McAllister.

6:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to attend the spring game and I would love to hear from someone who was in attendance to give any input on what they saw at the scrimmage. We all know that most places don’t play their most accomplished or most needed players if they even have any hint of injuries in the spring. It is a time to get other options ready and see what you have at numerous positions. So I figure I could bring up a few areas of interest for anyone who was in attendance (or not) to be able to weigh in on.



How did the guys look that played up front? We are really only looking for 1 guy with Cannon, Friedline, & Bezney not playing. I figure those 3 guys are sure starters, and Longinetti has the C position locked up. What did anyone think of the play of Ross and Killion? Did anyone else look as though they made an impact.

It looks as though Carter Williams had a great spring and will add to the receiving corps. I think this unit can be solid even in the wake of Randle and Wallace’s absence. Although they are a lot to replace we at least have guys who have experience (Clemons, Siragusa, Drwal) and guys like Gaines and Carter Williams, and showing promise. How did they do in the game? Things will become even more interesting when you throw Hines in this bunch. I am curious to see if his skills are head and shoulders above what we already have there, still remains to be seen. Looks like we are more than covered with Buric, Little, and Haenni at the TE position.


The only real question here is going to be can Morgan Roberts be close to what he was last year? He has given me no reason to best against yet, so I think he is going to do fine. As far as his back-up looks how did that battle pan out? Do Barmore and Johnson have anything to bring to Logan Scott?


The running game of course is going to be the proverbial X factor offensively this season. It seems like Rich and Salter are going to be the “go to” backs and get the bulk of the work. They are going to have to give us something, but I am curious to see what the 3rd option is going to be. When Varga was healthy there was never really a “3rd option” although Keys got in the mix at times. However I believe that 3rd person is going to play a bigger role to start and may continue to have a bigger role based on what they may be able to bring to the table, if anything. Barton did a nice job on JV last year, yet it never seemed like he was anything but a serviceable back up to the other two at best. He doesn’t seem to bring “another dimension” to the game. Reuland had a nice spring taking the bulk of the reps in practices and in the spring game. He seems to be very serviceable as well and looks like he can provide a solid 3rd there as well, if need. However he doesn’t seem like he can give anything more than Rich or Salter to take reps away from them. The interesting switch I noticed was Jamal Locke from CB to RB. He did not participate in spring so we will have to wait until campo to see what he does there. However it looks like this may be a nice place for him. We were all able to see his potential with the ball in his hands as he returned kicks this year leading the team and producing a 20 yard per return average. He looked quite explosive at times and had a TD called back in the Brown game. He looks good in the open field and looked like he was getting more comfortable as the weeks progressed in the season. I am very curious to see what he has to offer here once he gets in the mix. He could provide us with another dimension of speed and explosion back there. Should be an interesting competition once camp starts.

7:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I couldn’t fit all this into one post here is the second part.



Looks like we have a pretty hefty rotation at DL of guys that can play between Chism, Tyler, Moesta, Crowle, Bedrad, Rushin, Hurubin, Kritzberg and a few others. Were there any other guys that stood out?


It looks like we have a little bit of a log jam at LB and DB for next year though. This could make for some great competition and some really accomplished play at these positions for us. At LB there are 3 spots. It looks like Opplinger, Manora, and Larkin are the 3 names that seem to be guarantees to get major time there, But Egu is far in the mix also and we’ll have to see about Graham and Van Valkenberg. I am very curious to know how Egu looked. As I mentioned in an earlier post I think MLB may be the place he is able to shine with the experience and ability we have on defense.


Similar situation to me here as it is at LB. You have Alessi, Rymiszewski, and Harris at CB. All good players that have established themselves and have a good amount of experience. It also looks like Will Bryan had a decent spring (from what has been reported). Good competition and good experience usually makes for good play at that position. At FS & SS you have the clear leaders in and starters in Oluokun and Champion with Reis and Carlson back there who both got some reps last year too. They are clearly the second option there to me though. So it looks like the issue is only a C.

Let the banter begin…


7:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gentlemen,Spring game was spirited and entertaing.1/3 of the team unavailable.
I'll wait to see in August. When
the team comes back.But I do see this team being a major player in the IVY LEAGUE.
Cheers to you all,Jon Harris
Walt, nice picture in the Register of you and Brian Dowling

8:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The defense under Reno has never been close to good. The excuse of Rick Flanders being the culprit is now out the window. They have two coaches on the staff that have been coordinators mixed in with Reno's brilliance. They better be improved.

9:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barton had a career-ending injury. Not sure what it was or when it took place.
As for McAllister, I'm waiting to hear back.

9:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh Never like hearing that.
he's a good kid also.Get that education be the best person you can be.
Good Luck,sincerely Jon Harris

10:30 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale Follower:

Barton had a history with concussions and that is the reason he is done. Robbie Reis is also done for his career. He has terrible back issues. Look for Hayden Carlson to make a push for the starting lineup. Second QB will most likely be Chapple. Bo Hines has been on campus and just from a physical aspect, he is leaps and bounds above all of the other receivers.

Go Elis!

9:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Scott is back to fourth QB where he started as a freshmen good kid nice to have that much depth.

1:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news about Barton and Reis. We all wish them well in their endeavors beyond Yale football.

1:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Hines has any motivation to play football. He will quit and take the Yale degree.

3:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:45 Your opinion is baseless and therefore worthless.

5:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big things a poppin in New Haven
for 2015.To bad only 4 home games,
still shaking my head on that
Always cheers to you

5:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McAllister is no longer with the team.

7:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 1:20 PM

Here's my take:

QB Scott continues to make the most of whatever opportunities he's given. Both of his drives in Saturday's scrimmage ended with scores, one TD and one FG. These were some of the only sustained drives of the day. He understands the system and runs it with skill, intelligence and consistency, both with his arm and his feet. And, the guys respond to his leadership.

Clearly, deserving to be in the hunt for the backup spot.

8:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott shouldn't be the 4th string QB. That's pure bias from the coaching staff if he is. He's been productive when his number was called.

9:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm April 21st you ladies already
squawking like chickens with a fox in the hen house.
Do yourselves a favor and wait till September with what and that.
"Don't let me get all Jon Harris on YOU".Try to use a little common sense, "that GOD gave ya"
Say your prayers and git to bed
the grownups are busy

9:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it coming. This is all we have until August!

9:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My question was do Barmore and Johnson have anything to bring to Scott. Logan Scott is currently the best back up to Morgan Roberts, hands down. I’m curious to know if what Barmore and Johnson showed in the spring led anyone to believe that Scott would have a battle on his hands come camp, or will he definitively win the #2 spot again.


10:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say,ABSOLUTELY kids leap frog and are always striving.I am sure just as Morgan, they have to push each other.
Heck I would be disappointed,if it was just handed to somebody no.?
Your True Blue Friend
Mr. Jon Harris

10:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hines wanted to be a football player, he would have stayed at NC State.

10:22 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid comment 10:22AM. Thanks for showing us you and 3:54PM are morons with no clue.

If you had one your comment would have been that if Hines wanted to ONLY be a football player he would have stayed at NC State. Better yet he realized that most of his teammates (at NC State) would not be in the NFL, and his future definitely was not destined for there either.

Then having assessed that situation ,and having an option like Yale on the table he realized that he could scale down his level of commitment and intensity with football, and greatly scale up his after graduation options by the transfer it became a no brainer for him. If you paid any attention to the articles about him you would realize that he had interest from the Ivy’s prior to him committing to NC State in HS. He obviously felt like he made the wrong decision the first time through and had the chance to change things for the better for him the next time. Smart choice and I think he is going to do well here with us, on and off the field.

11:17 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He would be a bonus if they got him on the field next season. have a feeling he wont play much more football.

4:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hines has a different scenario then the prior transfers. Morgan Roberts left Clemson because he wasn't good enough, same with Patrick Witt. If Roberts was good enough, he would still be at Clemson. Hines actually played and was good enough so it makes no sense why you would leave other than you don't want to play football.

2:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 2:24:
I hope you have a large trust fund and don't have to rely on your judgment to make a living.

7:00 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

earlier assessment of team is likely spot on by a knowledgable fan. Roberts play without Varga as a huge diversion and the absence of two experienced receivers he was very comfortable with will be telling. Hines will be a terrific player and it's absurd to think he won't compete in football during his entire tenure at Yale.

Defense should be much better. The key in my opinion is the line. Can they collapse the pocket and keep pressure off the secondary? Can they take on the OL and free up the linebackers to pursue. Larkin, Manora, Opplinger and Egu maybe the best group in the Ivies

10:54 AM 
Anonymous Ray Yale Football Fan said...



2:04 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ray, is that for this year or next.? that is great regardless.
This team, is going to be better than a lot of people think.
This team is going to contend..
Cheers Jon Harris

3:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So coach Flanders officially off the coaching staff.Good luck to him.Welcome Sean McGowan back home to the New Haven area.
Cheers Jon Harris

3:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simino graduates from high school this spring.

3:45 PM 
Anonymous Son of Eli said...

New film on last year'sYale-Army game is a must see.

12:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great video. Can't wait for the season!

1:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris , the new commit Hunter Simnio when will he be official

4:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Carter's second consecutive spring award and who has yet to play in a varsity game. What is up with these spring awards.

8:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess 8:12 did not notice Offensive Strength Award went to Scott need I say more.

8:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess 8:15 PM is unfamiliar with the acronym "MIP" or Most Improved Player. You need not say more, less would be preferred.

10:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:12 and 8:15 are both knuckleheads.

12:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emil Johnson is beyond clueless. I don't think they can get rid of him however.

3:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many injuries have been related to instruction by Johnson.

5:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What gives with 3:31 and 5:02? Where is that coming from?

5:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His lifting program is from 1970. He's outdated. He is responsible for many injuries.

6:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When making a statement please have facts to back it up.If not keep your mouth shut.

8:53 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

The haters are out early this year

2:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual. The only disappointing think about this blog is that there are too many of those that decide to make stupid comments like the few above without any real facts instead of enough intelligent talk about personnel and our team, like what was provided by TNC @ 7:01PM. I'd like to see and participate in some more of that.

7:14 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Let’s talk receivers ad TE’s. The guys that made the biggest impact coming back are Clemons and Buric, with Little adding in as well. Siragusa and Drwal got some sparing time last year as well. Who looked good this spring in that area?

9:48 AM 
Anonymous Ray Yale Football Fan said...

Myles Gaines played very well in the spring. He displayed soft hands catching the ball and very good speed.

3:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like many others I believe that Yale needs a balanced offense and depth at RB is a question. We have receivers - Clemmons, Gaines, williams-Lopez, buric, drwal, siragusa, little, et al. the key is to balance the attack so Roberts does not force the passing game. It would also be nice if Roberts learned to throw it away rather than run for a loss. Still I'm pretty optimistic

10:13 PM 
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