Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yale Pro Day and more

Yale Pro Day will take place on Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Connecticut Sportsplex in North Branford.

LB Will Caughan, OLB/S Charles Cook and WR Grant Wallace, along with former WR Chris Smith will participate, along with players from other Connecticut schools (see complete list at bottom of this post).

A few NFL scouts are expected to attend.

UPDATE: Deon Randall has decided not to pursue football and accepted a job at Imperial Capital, an investment bank in Los Angeles.

Tyler Varga, the Ivy League Offensive Player of the Year, will have his Pro Day on March 31 at Tolland’s Star Hill Family Athletic Center. Scouts from most, if not all, NFL teams are expected to be in attendance.

Vashsel to be named defensive coordinator

Steve Vashel is expected to take over as defensive coordinator this upcoming season. Vashel just finished his third season as defensive backs coach for the Bulldogs.

Meanwhile, Yale made it official earlier this month and named Jordan Stevens as its new defensive line coach. Stevens previously served as Maine's defensive line coach.

Portal 31 had reported Sean McGowan would take over as defensive coordinator. That is not the case, however. He will serve as linebackers coach. McGowan, a Cheshire native, coached two seasons at Boston College as the team's special teams coordinator and SAM linebackers coach.

The coaching moves come after the resignations of defensive coordinator Rick Flanders and defensive line coach Carlton Hall.

Spring practice

Just a reminder, spring practice for the Bulldogs begins Wednesday and will finish up with the annual Blue-White scrimmage on April 18. Practices are open to the public. I will update with a complete practice schedule soon. 



Will Vaughn LB Yale ‘15 

Charles Cook OLB/Safety Yale ‘15 

Grant Wallace WR Yale ‘15 

Chris Smith WR Yale ‘14 

Julian Hayes RB Monmouth ’15 

Zac Williams DE Southern CT ’15 

Jamie Martinez OL Sacred Heart University ‘15 

Troy Moore DL Sacred Heart University ‘15 

Jake Bussani LS/DB Wesleyan University ‘15 

Tyrell Holmes WR Central CT ’15 

Josh Aleaze OLB Central CT ’15


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what about Paul Rice?

1:41 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vashel coached an NFL draft pick so he should be great here.

12:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; Is there some reason for not responding to questions regarding what happened to Flanders.

1:10 PM 
Blogger Chunn said...

Not sure what questions you are talking about, regarding Flanders. I was told he resigned and no one would comment further. Flanders never returned calls.

1:52 PM 
Blogger Chunn said...

Rice will be coaching special teams and outside LBs.

1:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would McGowan come to Yale to be a position coach? He must have been sold a bag of goods from Reno and lied too on his role.

1:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Coach Flanders but schemes and timing of pressure rushes were stale and predictable. Hopefully new coaches will implement more modern alignments and aggressive defensive play calling. Spring practice should be a good indicator. By the way we need to fix the punting formation after the Harvard game.

4:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony "vanilla" Reno is going getting aggressive on defense.

4:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Varga not doing pro day at Yale? Very selfish

5:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; Any updates on position changes?

5:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 5:27; Egu to inside linebacker and Locke to wide receiver. Horn is over injury and will compete for placekicker.

5:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will McGowam and Stevens be onboard for spring practice?

6:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egu was a much touted recruit that they positioned at end with mixed results. Though he played some linebacker last year, it seems as though this team is pretty stacked at middle linebacker with Darius and a healthy Larkin. How does this play out?

7:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...who is the DB coach now? Or is Vashel retaining those duties.

And who is the recruiting coordinator these days? Has anyone had that title since Dwayne Wilmot left?

7:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyler Varga is not the leader I thought he was. I guess I am a bad judge of character. Charles Cook, Chris Smith, Will Vaughan, and Grant Wallace.. I will be rooting for you with all my heart.. I hope you all really shine on Yale's True Pro Day - March 26th - AMEN

9:18 PM 
Blogger Chunn said...

I will be at spring practice later in week and get some info on position changes, coaches and injuries. Any other questions, please send them my way and I will do my best to get them answered.

9:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Bo Hines be at spring practice?

10:37 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; Who is in the mix for backup Qb and will any of the recruited QB's be changing positions?

11:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about #1 RB?

3:08 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trolls on this forum make it sadly irrelevant and no one should answer any questions, bad people are undermining or scouting for information

11:43 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:43 You are an idiot who is unable to discern legitimate questions by followers of the team.

12:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:18 Don't talk shit. Why would you make such a stupid comment. You obviously do not know Tyler Varga and you obviously have no understanding of how things work at the next level. It is purely business and nothing else and the players do not make the decisions! If you check the list of participants at the Yale Pro Day you would quickly find out that the majority of the participants are non-Yale players.

1:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the guys with something to hide go to different locations for pro day. Very fishy activity from a known offender!

2:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have your mouth washed out with soap.I pity the soap.

2:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder about the number of QB's on the roster.... seems like 10 is too many

2:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vash will have the DB's playing 14 yards off every play.

2:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope 2:23 is incorrect what a disaster not an improvement.

3:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; Were you at practice today? Did anyone on this board attend?

3:44 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't we assume that 2:23 is one of the uninformed cranks who haunts this site?

4:04 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With practices running from 6:30am to 8:30am we may not get much coverage. Darn it.

7:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from the South and when we want to make a point it's always led by : "I tell you what"... Flanders is still on the Yale website as a coach. The lack of detail to this stuff is bullshit. This program led by Reno needs to get its act me , the Urban Meyers of the world with all their responsibilities would not allow this to happen!!!!

8:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:09, why don't you give Steve Conn a call? Last time I checked he is the SID and in charge of the web site!

8:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Tyler Varga with his pro day today!

10:22 AM 

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