Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yale spring update (4/11)

So there will be one more week before the Bulldogs’ spring practice session wraps up. I’m still getting the details for Saturday’s Blue-White scrimmage.

Yale’s 20 seniors took their two-day trip to Gettysburg last week. Coach Tony Reno began the tradition last year.

“I learned a lot about leadership and accountability as a man and a teammate,” LB Will Vaughan said. “General Stanley McChrystal is an amazing guy, an amazing leader. When he speaks, he has the ability to control the room.

The team ran with McChrystal and toured the battlefield.

“Phenomenal,” Reno said. “It was a great leadership opportunity.”

Some position changes of note that have taken place this spring…

With his athleticism, Pete Gerson is moving over from DE to TE. Reno said former TE Adam Conklin wanted to give DE a shot and it has worked out well. Eric Williams has shifted from QB to WR.

“He’s an athlete,” Reno said. “We wanted to get him on the field.”

Also, with a young and talented secondary, Nick LaTesta has moved over from CB to WR with hopes of getting more opportunities. He’s shown he’s good in space and has good hands. LaTesta made an impressive diving catch in the end zone for a TD at the end of Friday’s practice.

What a difference a few months have made. Copache Tyler is huge. The 6-3 DT is now 300-plus pounds. Tyler came in last season and started all 10 games and had 33 tackles. He earned the team’s Charles Loftus award, given to the top freshman.

“He’s a stout and strong DT,” teammate Victor Egu said. “And he’s only getting, better, bigger and stronger, which is kind of scary.”

Egu, too, put on about 15 pounds of muscle and 6-3, 240 pounds.

Vaughan said he’s been impressed with sophomore DB Roger Kilgore. He played on the JV team last season.

“I’m really happy with the way he’s progressing,” Vaughan said. “He hasn’t gotten that much of an opportunity yet, but he’s really shown improvement. He’s a very violent, downhill player.”


He’d like to see more physicality up front on the defensive side, but said that will come with time. He’s been happy this spring with the growth the quarterbacks have made as a whole.


Yale appears to making a strong push for Middletown High QB and Gatorade State POY Dario Highsmith. He was in attendance for the Bulldogs practice on Friday and received a warm welcome from the team.


DE Marty Moesta continued to show strong passing rushing ability…D’Amani Grayer broke up what could have been a deep completion…Robert Ries also broke up a pass…Darius Manora stepped in and had an interception on a pass by Morgan Roberts…Both Roberts and Kahlil keys showed good speed on long runs...LaTesta made a diving catch for a TD on a pass from Roberts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read with interest. Thank you, Chris. Those concerned with the absence of blocking should welcome Gerson's shift. He'll be happy to bang heads.

3:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ihope they also get the football to Gerson"s

10:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure where this "absence of blocking" nonsense is coming from, especially at the tight end position,where Keith Coty was an excellent blocker. Our offensive line has been a strong suit for probably three years. With Cannon and Friedline stepping in for Oppenheimer and Gavin, one hopes that will continue. Our offense underachieved not becuase of "poor blocking" but due to a complete lack of vision for what it was trying to do, and an ongoing conflict between Morris and Conlin. With Morris out, at least we will have one vision. We'll see if it's a good one soon enough.

11:46 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris; What does the two deep look at this point?

2:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chris; which players will not be playing in saturday scrimmage and what will be the format.

2:00 PM 

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