Thursday, March 06, 2014

Army athletic director Boo Corrigan talks about Yale game

Army AD Boo Corrigan was at a press conference Thursday promoting the UConn-Army game. Register UConn beat writer Jim Fuller asked Corrigan about playing at Yale Bowl this upcoming season.

Corrigan said: "We are excited about it. It is the 100th year of the Yale Bowl and Tom Beckett called me when I got the job. You see that on your schedule and you go ‘we are playing a team from FCS or I-AA’ and you are kind of scratching your head about why you would do that but in talking with Tom about it and it being the 100th year and being the great history that the program has had, I think we are excited about it."

Corrigan on process of getting waiver so game can count towards Bowl eligibility: "Tom was great about it. I think the best thing about being at West Point is people are going to give you the benefit of the doubt in that kind of thing and when you preface it with it being the 100th year and let’s do it for all the right reasons because it is such a big deal and it is such a prestigious institution and I think it made a lot of sense."


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