Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Cannon, Friedline look to bolster Yale offensive line


Soon-to-be sophomores Khalid Cannon and Mason Friedline are expected to see an expanded role on the OL next season. Read the story here.


Anonymous walt yale blue said...

Hi chris stan and mr harris. how are you guys ? It looks like where going to be running the same4 plays as last year.No blocking for the backs get the ambulance ready.Why is he still doing this ?we have good running backs let them run.keys rich everett johnson whoes been running great and varga who is a? mark. get the fullback and tightend involved. also keep manora at running back where going to need him. wehave so much talent on this team lets start using it.we have a new off. coordinator in conlin lets hope he opens theoff.up If not where in trouble.

7:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason, unfortunately sometimes that reason is just plain stupidity! Nobody ever had a plan to lose, get injured or be stupid. Those things are what happen when you don't have a plan. Another season of futility in the works!

1:27 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get some sleep, 1:27 AM. You really need it.

7:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try to get some sleep, 1:27 AM. Everything looks better after sunrise.

10:40 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any news on Friday's practice?

10:41 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoping to attend the Spring Game on Saturday.At least for the 1st half.
Hope everyone is well and ready for a great season ahead.
Cheers Jon Harris

5:12 PM 

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