Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bulldogs to have new look this season

As seen in Yale Alumni Magazine, the Bulldogs will be sporting a new look this season.

According to the article, "[Head coach Tony] Reno’s design aims to celebrate the Yale teams from the latter half of the twentieth century by maintaining the classic, simple elements that earned Yale a spot in Sports Illustrated’s Top Ten College Football Uniforms. The nods to the past began last year when he replaced the thick, outlined "Y" helmet sticker for the slimmer “Y” of the Calvin Hill era."
"With the modern-era bulldog logo (known as the "Y-dog") removed from the shoulder, the Bulldogs will look strikingly similar to the teams coached by Carm Cozza and other Yale legends. But with help from equipment manager Jeff Torre, Reno ensured any attempts to harken back to the past did not affect the jersey quality."

From Yale Alumni Magazine
                                               (From Yale Alumni Magazine)


Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

No stripes on helmet?

10:08 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hopefully this is the first step of getting rid of that stupid dog logo altogether. that thing looks like it should be used to market a third-tier independent minor league hockey team.

10:51 AM 
Anonymous Andrew B. said...

Shirts: An improvement.
Helmet/Pants: Fail.

The tapered stripe looks dumb, and the lack of helmet stripes makes it more plain than it was before.

Last year's uniform was a perfect "nod to the past" - this one is a break from tradition.

Thumbs down.

12:49 PM 

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