Monday, May 06, 2013

Spring follow-up

Here’s a link to the latest Yale notebook in case you missed it. Some additional notes below...
Well, there’s really no news here. As previously reported, Eric Williams and Henry Furman are a notch above the rest of the group. That hasn’t changed. Expect Clemson-transfer Morgan Roberts to compete right away and be in that mix as well.
Reno said Cromwell-product Anthony Morales had a solid spring and had an impressive drive in the scrimmage last month.
"To be continued," Reno said. No one grabbed the job yet. Someone has to grab the job. I’m looking forward to the competition."
Reno said the Bulldogs will mix it up with a three, four and sometimes five-man front.
As he showed last season, Reno is not afraid to play freshmen. Expect more of that this season. He said the d-line and the defensive backs will see the biggest impact from freshmen.
"Those are two ares where we will see a lot of young guys playing," Reno said.
Other notes on the defensive line: Reno liked the improvement of DE Mikhail Reece, Carl Kreitzberg will be in the mix this season and Kyle White has moved over from the offensive line.
As noted before, Reno is very high on LB Will Vaughan. He said he’s become one of the team leaders during the offseason. Same thing with fellow LB Andrew Larkin. He was a late recruit when Reno came to Yale. He runs well, he’s very aggressive and comes from a strong high school program in Glenbard West. Expect to hear his name a lot more, too.
The offensive line may have been the Bulldogs biggest strength last season. Right now the the line appears to be John Oppenheimer, Will Chism, Ben Carberry, Wes Gavin and Luke Longinotti.
Reno said Carberry, who missed seven weeks with an injury last year, is the most talented of that bunch and Gavin is the most improved, Reno said.
-Yale will scrimmage Brown on Sept. 7. Where and whether or not it will be an open scrimmage is TBA.
-The only change to this year’s uniform is that the "Y" will no longer be on the shoulder.
-Perhaps Holy Cross will be on the Bulldogs schedule in the near future.
"I’d like to get back to playing Holy Cross," Reno said. "It’s a great rivalry and a great regional game. We’re working to get that back on the schedule for sure."
Reno would like to schedule one scholarship school each year and noted Yale continues to look at CAA teams.
Also, here's the link to the unofficial list of newcomers in case anyone was looking for it. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just learned that the depth of the Offensive Line took a big hit recently. One of the coaches told me that rising senior offensive lineman James Talerico received surgery to repair a torn ACL and will be out for the entire year.

It will be interesting to see which underclassmen will step into the rotation to fill the void left by Mr. Talerico and fellow senior Kyle White, who moved to defensive line in the spring.

3:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

talerico and white leaving the o line makes no difference other than numbers for scout team. There are numerous incoming freshmen that would pass straight over them.

12:21 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a silly comment. First of all, don't use this forum to insult kids by name - it's mean-spirited and cowardly. And second - "Scout team"? What are you talking about? Losing lineman with three years experience makes a difference. Have you ever seen an offensive line at any level of football go through a season uninjured? Two-deeps (and sometimes three) matter a lot; ignorant to think otherwise. Also ignorant to think impressive high school highlight tapes (which everyone has) transfer to division one playing time in the most complex and undervalued position on the field. Of the current O-line starters, only Wes Gavin and Ben Carbery (both with very impressive tapes) saw significant playing time as freshmen. And how did both get on the field? Yeah, you guessed it - the guys in front of them got injured.

3:03 PM 

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