Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tom Williams out at UTEP

After just one season as safties coach at UTEP, former Yale head coach Tom Williams will not be back under new UTEP head coach Sean Kugler.
The ElPasoTimes reported Williams and three other assistants will not be retained.


Anonymous wyldebill said...

I see from the link that UTEP has a new head coach (Sean Kugler), so changes to the staff are no surprise. In addition to Williams, three other assistants were let go.

11:26 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was not retained by the new head coach.

12:36 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be noted that UTEP has a new head coach. This is not a case of Williams being let go by the coach who hired him.

8:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous writer. Your entire blog is misleading and out of context and appears designed to demean Coach Williams. When there is a head coach change, staff changes always occur. You are suppose to be objective not part of the Yale propaganda machine which seems bent on bad mouthing coach Williams who was not the coach when Yale suffered it's worse loss in 25 years. It is coach Reno who played "his players" and whose team was not competive. You should be ashamed. How about more objective reporting vs being a pawn of Coach Reno!

9:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could use a taste of your advice. How about being a more objective fan. Tom Williams is in fact out of UTEP football. How slanderous to say.

12:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me as another not sure where the lack of objectivity was. The word "out"? He was employed there for one year and now is not. Fact. It also says "will not be back under new head coach Sean Kugler" implying the reason IS the new coach. Comments such as "Your entire blog is misleading" and the post is "designed to demean" Coach Williams are not even remotely supported by what the post said.

And I'm also confused by the reference to "the worst loss in 25 years." My first instinct is to think you mean Harvard 45 Yale 7 in 2011. But that was under Coach Williams.

2:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon 911. You might (I emphasize "might") have had a point if Mr. Hunn had not made it clear that Sean Kugler was a "new" coach AND if he had not provided a link to the underlying story in the El Paso Times.
If anyone deserves credit here, it's Mr. Hunn for printing your bitter, irrational diatribe.
For the record, I'm extremely optimistic about the way Yale football is headed under Coach Reno, and I would like you to know that I am not a "pawn" of Coach Reno or Mr Hunn OR related to either of them by blood or marriage.
Thank you.

2:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to interpret the post as subjectively critical of Williams - "just" one year is not a necessary modifier... At the same time, if the blog is decidedly pro-Yale-football (consistent with the majority of local sports journalism), so what? God know the freaking university doesn't wholly back the team. And this is the only blog dedicated to the team. So without another voice, I'll happily take some cheering.

1:48 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Miami, Fla. (FIUSports.com) – FIU football Head Coach Ron Turner has announced the hiring of Steve Shankweiler and Tom Williams as assistant coaches with the Panthers. Shankweiler will serve as Offensive Line Coach and Run-Game Coordinator, while Williams will be Linebackers Coach."

1:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I write that "Alabama crushed Notre Dame," am I lacking objectivity because "crush" is a subjective term? Or it is a reasonable assessment by any viewer of that game - whatever his prejudices - that what happened on that field was one-sided? "After just one season" fits that same category. The "just" is not necessary to be sure, but one year is a surprisingly short tenure.

And good luck to Coach Williams in his new position.

2:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see Coach Williams landing on his feet. He made mistakes in his first Head Coaching job, he is a good man and will learn. No doubt he will change some things in his next HC gig. Lets hope Reno, who of course also made mistakes in his first HC job, learns a little faster. I did also note that William's Yale special teams coach Semones also landed on his feet as Head coach at Div III Occidental College in California. Occidental is a great school with rich DIII football tradition.

2:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One year is NOT a surprisingly short tenure when a new head coach is hired. That's the point. The context renders the lead misleading. You lost metaphorical yards on this one, friendo. Swallow your pride and get ready for the next play. Yeesh.

11:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such an obtuse post. Does this commenter write for the New York Times? Of course language choice reflects subjectivity - yes - even in - wait for it - sports headlines! There are an infinite number of ways to describe the Alabama ND game. If you're at a bar in Mobile, maybe you say the Tide crushed them. If you're at the ND quarterback's Easter dinner, you might indicate that ND didn't execute its best.

12:00 AM 

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