Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yale falls to Harvard

Game story from Yale's 34-24 loss to Harvard.

Also, what does Tony Reno have in common with Carm Cozza and Jack Siedlecki? Read about it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale played well and was actually ahead for most of the game. year.

Coach Reno did not have the experience he needed to be the head coach of Yale. But, hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and grow into the position.

While he is responsible for who he hired and what they do, why am I not hearing more about the horrendous play calling and personenel choices of the offensive coordinator? Didn't he lose his last position for lack of progress?

The skinny here, in my opinion, is that these guys aren't terrible coaches, they just aren't the right coaches for Yale. But I do still hold out hope for next year.

8:55 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The skinny here, in my opinion, is that these guys aren't terrible coaches, they just aren't the right coaches for Yale. But I do still hold out hope for next year."

Why are they not "the right coaches for Yale"?

12:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:34, Not saying that many of the players don't have tremendous athletic ability. Many do. But, these kids are scholar athletes, not just athletes. The coaches need to work within their academic system. I appreciate how hard the kids had to work, but some of it was designed just to make their lives difficult when it may have been more productive to make their lives as simple as possible.

For example, with all that they are responsible for academically, why not go with arm bands. There were so many miscues in the last game it wasn't funny.

7:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the foregoing was a response to "right coaches for Yale" query, fail to find it informative/responsive.

8:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris: I just checked the FCS individual list at and Varga's class is left blank. Does this mean that Yale is petitioning for readjudication of his sophomore status? And congrats to Varga on leading the FCS in all purpose yards per game. He is clearly the year's highlight.

9:49 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Yale players appeared to be as good as he Harvard players. The difference was in the coaching.I saw few plays when the Harvard players were running into each other. Ths happened repeatedly with Yale.
The Yale players deserve better strategy and better preparaton.
God Bless Yale Football....

11:33 AM 
Blogger Chris Hunn said...

Checked with Yale and there is no petition. Varga is a sophomore. I guess just an error.

12:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@11:33. The Game clearly had more busted plays by Yale than any other game this season. (Although the awkwardness of the handoffs in the Columbia game was close.) It could have been coaching, but it could have simply been Furman's inexperience at running the offense when asked to do anything but pass. When the running back and the QB turn two different directions, one of them didn't understand the play. I suspect it was the less experienced handoff guy, but you'd have to ask them to be sure.

2:55 PM 
Anonymous bob semple '59 said...

I faulted Reno last week for the ill-advised trick play that pretty much decided the Princeton game. But on the whole he did an admirable job this season with raw material and I thought his offensive game plan against Harvard was excellent. They almost beat a club that was favored, lest we forget, by 30 points. I feel good about next year. Bob Semple, '59.

3:29 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

I agree with both your comments, Bob.
Ironically Yale was the only Ivy team to beat Penn, and it was in that game that the team lost its three quarterbacks, dooming the rest of the season; yet they still played well! Next year should be something to forward to.

4:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the busted plays occurred when Russell was at QB. The offense started clicking only when they finally put Furman in late in the 2nd qtr. Then, for some reason, Russell was in for the first two series in the 2nd half which were unsuccessful. Only when they put Furman back in did they start to move the ball.
Probably Harv would have won anyway, but the coaches stayed way too long with Russell, limiting the chances for a Yale win.

4:48 PM 
Anonymous F. Porter '59 said...

To 11:33 AM
Enough with the anonymous Reno bashing.
The latest "more in sorrow" approach accompanied by copious alligator tears, will, one hopes, do it for this season.
We were brilliantly coached on Saturday. The staff had one week to devise a scheme Harvard hadn't seen already. Our defense had Harvard jumping offsides, and our offense showed great flair and made imaginative use of our survivors. A three tailback backfield...bravo. Two ears and a tail.
Sure there were some miscues, but how many practices did we have to rehearse this masterful production.
For the record, I am unrelated, by blood or marriage, to Coach Reno and any younger players who may have displaced more worthy elders.

5:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the busted plays occurred when Russell was at QB. Only when they put in Furman late in the 2nd qtr. did the offense start to click. Then in the first two series of the 2nd half, they used Russell again and went nowhere.
They began moving the ball well after that with Furman for the rest of the game. It was clear to everyone in the Stadium that Furman was much more effective than Russell
The coaches should have recognized it, too.
Probably Harv would have won anyway, but the coaches hurt the team's chances with the choices they made.

5:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Reno will be a great coach. Give the guy a break,losing 3qbs isn't an easy thing to manage!

7:36 PM 
Anonymous WALT YALE BLUE said...

guys just one thing we lose almost all of our defense . the offense may be great if we find theright qb the defense will be another story.were very thin in the defense line and LB WE HAVE TO HAVE A GREAT FRESHMAN CLASS.ALSO WE CAN USE SOME HELP FROM ADMISSIONS IF THE YALE RECRUIT CAN NOT GET IN HERE WHERE DOES HE LAND PENN PRINCETON OR HARVARD LETS GET ON THE SAME PAGE.

9:17 PM 
Anonymous Bulldog Bill (WYBC '84-'89) said...

There's plenty of reason for optimism and a huge comeback in 2013. Eric Williams and Logan Scott return as sophomore QB's and there'll be Furman if needed. Tyler Varga will be a junior, and the excellent WR's (Smith in particular) who missed '12 will be back in uniform (plus Sanquist and Wallace). Finally... I'm sure he's a fine young man, but I won't miss Panico's erratic performances.

9:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WALT YALE BLUE: What is the evidence in saying if a player cannot get in at Yale he lands at Princeton or Harvard (Penn might be another story), I'd like to have it. I agree about the defense: A lot of help is needed for next year, a lot. But if you have evidence people get into Harvard or Princeton but not Yale, let's have it. I don't think so. I also agree with F. Porter: the game plan - given all the issues -injuries, people placed in different positions etc -was inventive and good. Of course there were confusions: some of these players were playing out of position!! But the guys played awesome,defense and offense alike -congratulations to all of the players, they should feel proud - and the coaching strategy was excellent. Everyone in the stadium felt and saw that. Hvd was a deeper, more experienced and coherent team: Harvard probably should have won easily by 30 points and yet it was close. When Yale has a full list of uninjured experienced players and stable coaching for awhile the team will be good. It takes a few years. Meanwhile, congratulations to all. I don't understand the bashing.

9:10 PM 

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