Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Roberts has been a rock for Yale football

Register sports columnist Chip Malafronte did a really nice piece on Yale quarterback Morgan Roberts and his journey at Yale, not only as a quarterback, but as a young man looking for more.

Here is a portion of the article with link.

NEW HAVEN >> Morgan Roberts has just finished lunch in an upstairs dining room at Mory’s. He is seated in an aged chair at an old wooden table surrounded by framed, sepia-toned images of Yale’s early football captains.
The photos are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but a hundred years ago these men were very much like Roberts is now; gifted, athletic scholars driven to succeed. They won championships on the gridiron before unleashing their leadership skills on the world.
New Haven is a 12-hour drive from his hometown of Charlotte. But sitting in this room two floors above York Street, where U.S. presidents and captains of industry have also dined with those same old photos as a backdrop, he might as well be a million miles from where he envisioned himself four years ago.
“Before I got here, I’d never been above the Mason-Dixon Line in my life,” Roberts said. “Where I’m from it’s family, faith and football. That’s the culture.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well deserved article about Morgan. Since his arrival, Morgan has taken undue abuse from us contributors to this blog. As someone who cares about all members of the Yale football team, this abuse made me angry. All Morgan has wanted to do from day one is be a contributing member of the Yale football team. Mission accomplished Morgan.

7:59 AM 
Anonymous Son of Eli said...

Roberts is certainly a leader and passionate about success on the field. His 2014 season was remarkable. However, his ultimate legacy at Yale will largely be determined by how her performs Saturday. If he can lead Yale to a victory over Harvard he will go down as one of Yale's greatest QB's. If he doesn't he will always have the footnote of couldn't beat Harvard.

8:09 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Harvard program right now is as strong as it has ever been for a sustained period of time. So there shouldn't exactly be a glaring black mark against Roberts that he might not record a win against the Cantabs. Let's face it. The list of Yale quarterbacks who bear a footnote of not beating Harvard is long and, recently, growing very consistently.

11:54 AM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

11:54 Who was on that list before 2001?

3:19 PM 
Anonymous Richard Patrick 57 said...

11:54 has it right. Harvard's program is well ahead of ours right now, and for the most part the rest of the league.If Yale were to win this year it would be a huge upset, unlike last year when we had a good chance. They are significantly stronger at every position, especially with all of our injuries. Roberts cannot be held to an expectation that it is his responsibility to beat Harvard.

3:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Football is more of a team game than any other sport. The QB gets far too much credit for wins and far too much criticism for losses. Morgan has had a very good career at Yale and shouldn't be held responsible for winning or losing any game. That responsibility is borne by the players and the coaching staff.

6:27 PM 
Anonymous Son of Eli said...

I agree with 6:27 that football is the ultimate team sport. That footnote I referenced of not being able to beat Harvard will be tagged to every member of the senior class if they lose Saturday, not just Roberts. That's what a rivalry means. It's no different than Army-Navy.

10:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have confidence in this year's team: they have showed grit and fight. They will fight to the end. Next year Reno will finally have a senior class that is his own and 4 years of his own players. We will see what happens then, won't we? Meanwhile, Roberts deserves a tremendous amount of credit -as do all men of 143. Go, Bulldogs!

12:05 AM 

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