Thursday, November 06, 2014

All-Yale Bowl team coming to New Haven

Yale will be honoring its All-Yale Bowl team on Nov. 15 when the Bulldogs host Princeton at 12:30 p.m.

The “Legends of the Bowl” event will honor 67 former Yale players who were selected to one of the Bowl’s five all-era teams during this season. The group includes 47 All-Americans, 18 NFL players, nine Super Bowl appearances, six NFL Championship rings and an NFL head coach.

Over 40 will be in attendance on Nov. 15 and will be honored at halftime of the game.  Many of the players will be available to meet fans in the Webster Bank/Yale Bowl 100 Tent outside of Portal 20 before the game.


Black, Clinton ’17s, G
Booth, Albie ’32s, HB
Caldwell, Bruce ’28, HB
Frank, Clint ’38, HB
Gates, Artemus ’18, T
Kelley, Larry ’37, E
Mallory, Bill ’28, FB
Milstead, Century ’26, T
Pond, Ducky ’25, HB

Barzilauskas, Fritz ’47m, G 
Coker, Gene ’58, FB
Jackson, Levi ’50, FB
Kroll, Alex ’59, C
Lopata, Paul ’57e, E
Loucks, Dean ’57, S
McGill, Denny ’57e, HB
Walker, Paul ’46e, E
Winterbauer, Dick ’58, QB

Balme, Ben ’61, G
Blanchard, Bob ’61, FB
Carfora, Steve ’78, G
Dowling, Brian ’69, QB
Fencik, Gary ’76, WR
Gallagher, Jim ’71, DE
Gee, Kyle ’69, OT
Green, Rudy ’75, HB
Hill, Calvin ’69, RB
Jauron, Dick ’73, RB
Mercein, Chuck ’65, FB
Pagliaro, John ’78, RB
Pyle, Mike ’61, C
Singleton, Tom ’61, QB
Staffieri, Vic ’77, OG
Weinstein, Bruce ’69, TE
Will, Hardy ’61, C
Wolfe, Ken ’61, HB

Athanasia, Dean ’88, TE
Crowley, Bill ’79, LB
Czinger, Kevin ’81, MG
Diana, Rich ’82, RB
Grieve, Curt ’82, WR
Hetherington, Chris ’96, QB
Hill, Ken ’80, RB
Leone, Fred ’82, DE
Reese, Jon ’90, LB
Rogan, John ’82, QB
Rohrer, Jeff ’82, LB
Rudolph, Jeff ’89, OG
Ryan, Kelly ’88, QB
Skoronski, Bob ’79, DT
Spagnola, John ’79, TE
Streit, Clint ’79, DE
Tumpane, Tim ’80, LB

Abare, Bobby ’09, LB
Carr, Robert ’05, TB
Cowan, Alvin ’05, QB
Hennessey, Rory ’05, OT
Hollander, Brandt ’08, NT
Johnson, Eric ’01, WR
Lawrie, Nate ’04, TE
McCarthy, Ed ’07, OT
McLeod, Mike ’09, RB
Merrill, Than ’01, DB
Murawczyk, Mike ’01, K
Plumb, Ralph ’05, WR
Tomich, Todd ’01, DB

Walland, Joe ’00, QB


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Is my buddy, Tyrell The Hurricane Hennings coming to the Pton game.?
Cheers Jon Harris

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