Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Tuesday's news and notes

Some news and notes from Tuesday's media luncheon...


Yale may be featured on College Gameday this season after all.

The Bulldogs were snubbed by ESPN’s college football show earlier in the year during the historic showdown with Army. But the show may visit Cambridge, Massachusetts for the 131st edition of The Game on Nov. 22, according to Yale sports information director Steve Conn.

Harvard has been in contact with ESPN and is certainly in the running. There’s not much more information than that at this time though.


Yale won its third straight with a 25-7 victory over the Lions on Saturday. It was a bit closer than expected.

Tony Reno said the offense moved the ball well. And they did, running a season-high 96 plays and producing 586 yards of total offense. But the Bulldogs struggled in the red zone. They converted on 6-of-9 red zone opportunities, but four times they settled for field goals.

Reno said it was “a lack of execution.” QB Morgan Roberts wasn’t as accurate as he usually is, completing just 21 of his 42 passes, a week after breaking the school’s record for completion percentage in a game (89.7 percent). Reno attributed it to Columbia’s pressure. There was also a steady rain and wind, which could have also been a factor.

Defensively, Yale played well. Reno was pleased with the secondary which finished with four interceptions, two by freshman Jason Alessi.


Kicker Kyle Cazzetta booted four field goals (31, 25, 25, 33). He also missed two.

“The winds were awkward,” Cazzetta said. “Sometimes there’s a heavy wind at the Bowl, but I know what it’s doing: going across the field, north or south. [At Columbia] it was swirling at one side more than the other. I was aiming a little inside of the right upright. It wasn’t strong, just tough to figure out.”


Check out this interesting op-ed piece from the Boston Globe titled, “A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life,” by former Yale star Patrick Witt.


Yale got a glimpse into the future Saturday with RB Candler Rich, who is the likely replacement for Tyler Varga next season. Rich ran 17 times for 202 yards.

“He got a lot of carries and made the most of it,” Reno said.

Rich ran well last year when Varga was sidelined with an injury.


Yale has had the luxury to keep all their running backs fresh, sharing carries between Varga, Rich and Khalil Keys.

That’s been critical, especially for Varga with the season winding down. Varga is averaging about 20 carries per game.

“That’s what’s different from two years ago,” Reno said. “We’re able to distribute carries. We’re not really in the situation where anyone is beat up.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your Wednesday piece could you let us know what you've learned about our walking wounded. Who's back. Who's day-to-day. Thanks.
L et V

4:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It'll be in there. Bezney is back. Little and Buric still day-to-day. Larkin still out. And I think everyone else is healthy, but I'll see tonight at practice.

4:20 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's good news. Would love to see Bezney in the game over Friedline.

5:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bezney played well when he was in game against Columbia.

6:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every team plays well again Columbia!

8:55 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

College gameday would be awesome for "The Game" Yale needs to win the next two games to make this game mean something. Brown will play hard so that will be a close game, and Princeton can't afford another loss. The Yale Princeton game will be a huge game for Yale.

9:08 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friedline did not play well at Columbia. Got stoned at the line all day long.

12:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well we know he's not a robot,everybody has a bad day.

2:28 PM 

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