Monday, October 08, 2012

Varga update and injury news

Just spoke to coach Tony Reno. 

The NCAA is expected to make a decision on Tyler Varga and notify Yale on Tuesday. Listed as a freshman, it sounds like Varga’s class will be changed to a sophomore.
Varga sat out Saturday’s loss to Dartmouth while the NCAA looked into his transfer from the University of Western Ontario.

Also, Reno said senior free safety John Powers is out indefinitely after injuring his arm late in Saturday’s game. Powers will have surgery on Thursday. There is a chance he could return depending on how quickly he recovers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why in heavens did Yale think they could accept a transfer as a freshman and erase his previous year of college?

7:43 PM 
Anonymous John walsh said...

Whether they decide he is a freshman or a sophomore, why sit out a game? It doesn't make any sense. He has now lost a game he can never get back.

There must be more to this

9:49 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Yale Daily News discussed potential scholarship money at the University of Western Ontario. I am not sure if being on a partial scholarship dictates whether you must sit out a season. The only other reason is that some party is claiming he must sit out a season. The rules there are pretty clear and he should be eligible.

As for erasing a previous year of college, this was done with full due diligence and full disclosure and transparency by Yale. Yale's queries to the NCAA last year were responded to that he has a full 4 years of NCAA eligibility. The year in Canada was not counted towards his eligibility. Hypothetically, a hockey transfer would have to sit out a season and would lose 1 year of eligibility.

8:59 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would his situation differ from THIS guy who transferred to Columbia and didn't have to sit out?

9:30 AM 

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