Saturday, October 06, 2012

Varga out

A press release from Yale...

"Yale University is withholding Tyler Varga from today's game pending clarification from the NCAA regarding his transfer from a Canadian University. This withholding is unrelated to his academic eligibility."

Varga, a freshman, played at Western Ontario University last season and earned CIS Freshman of the Year honors.
He has 319 yards and three touchdowns on 55 carries. He has been selected twice to the Ivy League weekly honor roll this season.
What does this mean for the Bulldogs today against Dartmouth?
Well fortunately for Yale, it is pretty deep at RB. Mordecai Cargill is back after missing last week with an injury. The Bulldogs also have Kahlil Keys, who should see more touches and is capable of handling a heavier workload.
More to come after the game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered how Yale was able to call him a freshman (with, presumably, 4 years of eligibility) although he had already played a year of college football in Canada.

6:10 PM 
Anonymous Chester Blackmon said...

There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll find
Buddy Teevens involved in this, cleverly timed to keep Varga out of the Dartmouth game. Teevens is a miserable human being with no sense of sportsmanship.

7:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure that having Varga play would have made that much difference, the game was decided by the problem Yale's Defense had in containing the Dartmouth running attack even with Dominic Pierre out. The real question is what is the status of #34 John Powers, he was driven off the field by the training staff with about 4 minutes left to go in the 4th.

9:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard powers has a broken arm and is slated for surgery.

9:46 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping the Sports Department at the Register can shed some light on the Varga situation. What is the issue leading to his inability to play? Did a rival Ivy coach draw the issue to the NCAA's attention? People at Yale and elsewhere may not want to talk, at least on the record, but I would hope you would ferret this out.

10:38 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the issue with Varga. The NCAA has a rule that say's a transfer from one school to another is not eligible to play the transfer year. since Varga transferred from Canada Dartmouth wanted to open up an NCAA inquiry to see if that rule was valid here. the cheap shot came when Dartmouth waited until late Friday to file the complaint KNOWING that the NCAA would have to meet and that could not happen until some time the following week thus making Varga have to sit out! I would have to say that if Dartmouth has no more confidence in their team as to think ONE player could beat them then they need to fire their head coach and his entire staff!

5:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if the "rule" is that clear, why did Yale think it didn't apply here? It must be connected somehow to the decision to treat him as a freshman. If his year in Canada "counted" then he'd HAVE to be a sophomore transfer, wouldn't he?

7:48 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will end up being re-classified as a sophomore. If Dartmouth filed the complaint, they had recruited Varga heavily and had tried to bring him on board in 2011. So, they would have likely been more aware of his status having played one year of ball in Canada. However, Yale was not hiding that in anyway. THeir press briefings even renamed his "Canadian Rookie of the Year Award" to "Freshman of the Year Award". Clearly, the Yale program was on the up and up. You know the staff there were just as surprised as anyone when they talked to the NCAA and were told he would be considered a freshman this season. I have to imagine though, they knew eventually this would be clarified and he would be re-classified as a sophomore.

10:42 AM 

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