Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yale home opener vs. Colgate

Plenty of freshmen are making an instant impact for the Bulldogs. Here's a feature on Yale's newcomers.
Also, a prediction for today's game.


Anonymous John Walsh said...

Where's Cargill ?

3:54 PM 
Anonymous yale82 said...

I,m not really sure if the writer of this article has seen the same 3 games as I have? Varga is NOT really a freshman having played College ball in Canada none the less he is the ONLY shining light of incoming players and he CAN RUN THE BALL! Champion has had one decent hit and that was a sideline shot Against Cornell I have seen NOTHING else from him that is worth writing about or anything that a returning player couldn't be doing maybe better. Wiiliams.. 8 interceptions in 3 games.. (one was a tip) and passes hitting the ground in front of receivers and over their heads more than in their hands and running WAY to often! From what I see he still looks like a HS QB he has talent but needs time. I could go on about the others mentioned in your story. I am sick of hearing about the young team and Reno's freshman. It sure seems to me that when you have back to back losses with 45/47 points put up against your team and A LOT of TALENTED kids standing on the sidelines you don't have some of the correct ones in the game and YOU ARE NOT PLAYING FOR THE "NOW" you are trying to give your "freshman" playing time to get them ready for the future! PLEASE start to report what is really going on with our beloved Yale Football and the fact that a HUGE mistake was made with hiring Reno ,he has no clue on how to take over an existing team and gain their respect so they want to preform for you and that my friend is a MAJOR part of the problem with Yale Football right now.. Take a hard look at the roster and the returning player talent on it and then tell us why they are not in the game when we are getting pounded on and the guys on the field are NOT getting the job done!? From what I see there is NO WAY Reno is trying to put the best he has on the field he is Not giving other kids the opportunity to step up when your getting killed and its the 3rd quarter at 37-6 it's time to make a change I didn't see that! PLEASE START TO REPORT THE TRUTH!!!

6:30 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale "stealing" Romo and his 3 buddies from the Harvard associate flock strikes me as the equivalent to the Jets "stealing" Mangini from the Patriots flock of assistants.

In each case, you got a guy who was not ready for prime time, even though he is filled to the brim with self regard.

8:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure you, sir, Yale82, have been watching the games. If you had, then you would have noticed half of Williams' 8 interceptions have been off of tipped balls or off the hands of receivers. (ie- off the hands of Cargill in screen pass vs Gtown, another tipped ball in the air vs Gtown, getting hit from behind due to poor protection in the midst of throwing TWICE in the Colgate game...) If you go back and watch, sir, you would see these things. Reno acquired a team crippled with injuries and unfortunate situations (Smith). He seems to be a solid man and coach. "Rome was not built in a day."

12:17 PM 

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