Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notes from Tuesday's Luncheon

Eric Williams watched as his brothers Sean (graduated last year) and Scott (now a senior) played for the Bulldogs. He waited for his turn.
Well Williams got it. And perhaps much sooner than expected.
Williams became the first freshman to start at QB since Mike McClellan was under center in the 1997 season opener against Brown.
Williams looked solid in his debut completing 19-of-30 passes for 250 yards and a touchdown in Saturday’s 24-21 win over Georgetown. That included a 98-yard touchdown to Cam Sandquist, the longest play from scrimmage in program history. But he also threw three interceptions.
"There’s a lot of things to correct, especially in my game," said Williams Tuesday. "I was a little nervous with the first snap, but once the game got going it was football from there on out. Going into next week, it’s going to get easier to get in the game quicker, know my reads quicker and just feel more comfortable leading the offense."
Junior center John Oppenheimer had some issues with his snaps Saturday. A few of Oppenheimer’s snaps went high and wide, and one resulted in a fumble that led to a go-ahead score for the Hoyas in the third quarter. Head coach Tony Reno didn’t seem to be worried.
"It’s kind of like a pitcher who throws 100 pitches in the game," Reno said. "He throws 70 strikes and 28 balls and two wild pitches. John’s been so consistent for us. A couple of bad snaps. He’s a hard-working kid and he’ll correct it. Not something I’m concerned about at all."
Added legendary coach Carm Cozza: "Snapping on synthetic turf is different than on grass (Georgetown’s Multi-Sport Field was synthetic turf). Now he has a game under belt. It’ll help him."
Yale's helmets have an old-school look to them. There is no more white and blue outlining the Y. Now the Y stands alone, bringing back the look from the late 1960-1980s. 


Anonymous eightyeighter said...

Very happy about the helmets (it's the little things in life). Now if we could get rid of that awful logo of the Y with the profile of an angry bulldog, then we'd really be improving things. Yours truly, a crotchedy old man.

10:39 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more - from a player who was there when the new Y was introduced, I am pleased to see its demise. I was scrutinizing the pix to tell whether the old helmets were back and am happy to have that confirmed.
On the subject of the flying bulldog, I note that the hockey alums went nuts when they put that bulldog on the front of the hockey jerseys. They went back to the original sweaters. I don't think football alums need to care much about the bulldog on the sleave, but it would be nice to see that bulldog go.

2:18 PM 
Anonymous Mark said...

Say what you will...last year, Sports Illustrated ran an article-"Ten Best Uniforms in College Football", and YALE'S was 4th best!

7:22 PM 

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