Sunday, September 18, 2011

California bound in 2013

As some of you may have heard, Yale has agreed to play at Cal Poly Tech at San Luis Obispo on Oct. 5, 2013.

Yale has been trying to fill an open date on the 2013 schedule for a couple of years now and considering how many players Yale recruits from California on an annual basis, it made sense to schedule a game in California for the first time since playing at San Diego on Sep. 17, 2005.

"We were just able to work out the arrangements for that," Yale athletic director Tom Beckett said. "The head coach out there (Tim Walsh) is a good friend and he has wanted to get a game from us. We wanted to go back out to California and get in front of the alums and friends of Yale football and be able to take the team to a part of the country where we do a lot of our recruiting. It is a wonderful opportunity for us and I am excited about it."

With 17 players on the current Yale roster hailing from California including 12 who should be on the 2013 Yale squad, Yale football coach Tom Williams was very much in favor of playing a game in California.

"We think that will be a huge recruiting tool," Williams said. "We have (17) guys on our team from California and to be able to go play in their back yard and have our alumni based on the West coast come see us, to me is something that is very important. I would like to see us try to play games regionally outside of the Northeast as often as we can and that was the first opportunity to do it."

As of now, there is no return game scheduled but when Yale has an opening, obviously they will be one of the first schools Yale figures to talk to.


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