Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Depth chart for Georgetown game

Here is the official depth chart for the season opener against Georgetown.

QB: Patrick Witt; John Whitelaw
TB: Mordecai Cargill; Alex Thomas
WR: Chris Smith; Cameron Sandquist
WR: Deon Randall; Brandis Yarrington
WR: Allen Harris; Gio Christodoulou
TE: Kyle Wittenauer; Beau Palin or FB: Elijah Thomas; Keith Coty
LT: Wes Gavin; Ben Carbery
LG: Colin Kruger; Jeff Marrs
C: John Oppenheimer; Mike McInerney
RG: Gabe Fernandez; Mike McInerney
RT: Roy Collins; James Talerico

DE: Cliff Foreman; Austin Pulsipher
DT: Reed Spiller; Chris Dooley
DT: Jake Stoller; Pat Moran
DE: Matt Battaglia; Allen Davis
LB: Will McHale; Brian Leffler
LB: Jordan Haynes; Nick Schneider
LB: Wes Moyer; Ryan Falbo
CB: Drew Baldwin; Kurt Stottlemyer
CB: Dawson Halliday; Collin Bibb
FS: Geoff Dunham; Chris Brady
SS: Nick Okano; John Powers

K: Philippe Panico; Kyle Cazzetta
P: Kyle Cazzetta; Parker Toms
H: Jake Semones; John Whitelaw
LS: Kyle Wittenauer; Beau Palin
PR: Gio Christodoulou; Deon Randall
KOR: Chris Smith; Gio Christodoulou

The only change I noticed from the scrimmage against Dean College was Cliff Foreman moving ahead of Austin Pulsipher. Alex Thomas and Gio Christodoulou, two of Yale's most experienced and explosive skill position players, are listed as backups but both will still figure prominently into Yale's offense. Ben Carbery, the second-string left offensive tackle, is the only freshman in the offensive or defensive two-deep chart although both punters are freshmen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Chism hurt?I would think that he would be the back up center? Also, how severe is the injury to the knee of Khalid Keys? Is he out for the season?

4:48 PM 

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