Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Reising, Witt honored

Yale senior linebacker Jesse Reising and junior quarterback Patrick Witt were among 52 players named to the 13th annual Football Championship Subdivision Athletics Directors Association Academic All-Star Team.

Reising, who had a 3.75 GPA, started all 10 games and had 47 tackles. Witt, a junior who led Ivy QBs with 212 completions, 351 attempts and a 246-yard average, had 12 TD passes posted a 3.85 GPA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Witt's so good in the class room maybe he can graduate in May.

12:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if you weren't so jealous of success, maybe you would have more significant things to spend your time doing.

Let us not forget that Yale is first and foremost a stellar academic institution, which is the reason why Witt transferred here. The fact that he is excelling in the classroom is proof that he transferred for the right reasons. Congrats to Witt and Reising.

3:06 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

I'm not a huge fan of anonymous comments but appreciate the second one a heck of a lot more than the first. It's amazing to me how many people will hide because the internet to post comments like one taking a shot at someone being recognized for academic excellence.

3:50 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Hart family just won't give up. We'll be at the baseball diamond to report on Brookies sub-par pitching soon enough.

2:45 PM 

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