Saturday, January 26, 2008

Award winners

Yale players should be in Yale Commons by now so here are the 2007 season awards:

Ryan LoProto Defensive Back Award: Bobby Abare

Jim Keppel Offensive Back Award: Matt Polhemus

Ted Turner Offensive Line Award: Jeff Monaco and Langston Johnson

Defensive Line Award: Brandt Hollander

Specialist Award: Matt Coombs

Hammer Award for hardest hitter: Joe Fucillo

Jordan Oliver Senior Award for player other than captain who has earned most respect of teammates: Joe Fucillo

Robert Gardner Anderson Award for skill, spirit and pride in accomplishment: Kirk Porter

Woody Knapp Award for leadership qualities and unselfish devotion: Dan Sica, Chris Denny-Brown

Norman Hall Award for outstanding service to Yale football: Steve Schmalhofer

Chester LaRoche Academic Senior Award: Alan Kimball

Greg Dubinetz Lineman Award: Jared Hamilton

Ledyard Mitchell Kicking Award: Alan Kimball

Charles Loftus Rookie of the Year Award: Gio Christodoulou

Edwin Foster Ted Blair MVP: Mike McLeod


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