Thursday, January 24, 2008

Captain, etc.

Yale will choose its captain Friday morning.

Yale and Harvard are believed to be the only two programs remaining for college football that pick just one captain.

With so many former high school captains and present leaders in the college community, this is always an interesting process.

The winner needs a majority vote. If no one has majority vote, they go to another ballot.

This is a big, impressive class entering its senior year.

For entertainment purposes, I am going to say Bobby Abare edges Mike McLeod for captain. From experience I can tell you the most talented players are not always selected and when you think you've discovered a formula for your guess, you're wrong.

This year's will go multiple ballots with Ty Davis and Casey Gerald making it beyond the first ballot.

We'll see Friday morning.

Will post when I find out in the morning.

Yale's awards banquet is Saturday, and will post winners of awards Saturday night after the banquet.

Should have some recruiting news soon as well.


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