Monday, November 26, 2007

2008 captain

Voting for captain at Yale has always intrigued me.

How do you pick just one from a group that includes those that have served as captains of multiple teams in high school, who have been valedictorians and class presidents, who will be future leaders in business and politics.

Somehow they've done for it more than 100 years.

Looking at the junior class, it should be another difficult decision:

Mike McLeod or Bobby Abare? Or what about Larry?
Jay Pilkerton or Ryan Fodor?
Brady Hart, Kyle Hawari or Joe Hathaway?
Bryan Kana or Darius Dale or Ty Davis or Stephen Morse (not a bad OL returning, huh?)

Or will it be one of the other 20 seniors to be? The way I have guessed in the past, probably so.

There's a lot of leadership in the class, a lot of guys who have overcome adversity, two obvious traits when looking for a captain.

We'll see in January.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on who will be in the running for 2008 captain.


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