Monday, September 28, 2015

Forum: Putting synthetic turf field in historic Yale Bowl a very bad idea

Interesting read from over the weekend in case you missed it. It's a column signed by six health professionals with Yale affiliations about the potential of a turf field at the Yale Bowl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "health issue" is a non-starter. More health issues related to the fertilizer on the "natural grass" I wager. Harvard stadium is also a National Historic Landmark, and this status was in no way threatened by the installation of a state of the art turf field.

10:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, love to get some medical perspective on this. I did some research on my own and might have a surface that's even better, and I believe if Yale starts the trend others will follow: Ball pits. Hear me out, not only would ball pits significantly reduce the amount of non-contact injuries the Eli's would suffer, ball pits have been proven to lower your chance of many types of cancers and even improve player performance. And this would stop all that ridiculous concussion talk. I have a friend who works for the NFL and he said Godell's been traveling across the country to different Chuck-E-Cheese and McDonald's playgrounds to try out different types of ball pits for himself, so it's about time Yale gets ahead of the curve for once and makes this transition.

10:39 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy 10:39, the cost of refilling the ball pit far outweighs its benefits. I'm sure my concern is obvious to the regular Bowl attendees, but to those who haven't come across Jack Rushin lately, he would eat all of the balls by halftime. Imagine our elis coming out after the half to a barren pit and a bloated DT. Less edible surfaces should be considered for the years prior to 89's departure.

10:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One risk of a ball pit surface is that outdoor ball pits draw snakes. It's been scientifically proven by internet stories of kids at burger king play areas getting attacked by snakes that hide in the ball pits. Chances are your local news reported this, but you may have missed it because you were nervous waiting for them to run the story on how your pet cat is silently killing you which they teased when they went to commercial after the weather report. Anyway. Perhaps the scientists at the Yale herpetology department (Yale does have a herpetology department, doesn't it? it must) can develop a breed of snakes that would only attack the visiting team. Food for thought!

6:18 AM 

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