Saturday, September 26, 2015

LIVE BLOG: Cornell at Yale

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich is very average. What's the answer at running back this year. It's clearly not him. We played the worst team in the patriot league and the worst team in the Ivy. Need to be a lot better.

8:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adrian Peterson would look average behind this offensive line. They need to step it up. When Roberts has time hes money.

8:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The offensive line is terrible. Missing Carbery and Chism. Also, when you lose a RB like Varga, anyone will look average. Rich is not bad. He needs blocking and open holes.

9:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has happened to Yale football? Last year Yale beat Cornell 52-14. Very concerned.

9:52 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale is not going to score 52 points in any game this year when it lost its 3 biggest offensive threats last year. And Cornell is a much better team this year than they were last year. That is what happened. 2-0 is also what happened.

9:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My...
Princeton and Harvard and Penn! OH MY!

10:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take it easy Dorothy, that's why we play the games. 2-0 and here we GO!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!

8:32 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very frustrating to watch these Bulldogs struggle yesterday with one of the low end Ivy teams. The 2015 versions of Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton, and Harvard will dismantle the Yale team that showed up (or didn't) yesterday. I realize there was an enormous loss of offensive talent but wasn't Reno the great recruiter? Weren't the cupboards so full of future that we had to start seven and eight underclassmen in recent years. Weren't we always "young"? But in his fourth full year we appear to have recruited no offensive linemen, no running backs, and defenders whose biggest claim to fame is nice high school tape. If this team does not show vast improvement it will struggle to be .500. Even Bagnoli may be lining us up now as his first Columbia Ivy win.

9:10 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:10am said it all. Unfortunately, this might be a long season for the Bulldogs.

10:10 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm more optimistic that the second half performance better indicates Yale's talent level than its first half debacle. The running game is concerning, as is the performance of the offensive line. We were bailed out by Roberts and the talented young receiver corps, and we won't be as lucky in future games.

12:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow what a nail biter, Yale has to get better in a lot of areas. Penalties are horiffic
Coaches really need to clean that aspect up on this team. Injuries what you gonna do part of the game. freidline out yesterday. Huizenga,thrown into the fire did better as game went on. Line I feel will get better as we get on with the season. FUnny how this team takes so long to settle in. But given a break they have done job and got that W.
Cornell is and underrated team,that needs to learn how to win. On the winning play to Little no one on Sebby #4 that man is lethal TE but runs like wr.Each year is different sit back and watch and see what is unveiled to you. Yale is 2 and 0 and winning ugly but I would rather have that and loose.9:10am its ok and all you other so called fans. Kiss my Big Blue Ass. Pucker up also who is #90 on DL not on the roster the kids a stud.?

12:46 PM 
Anonymous RAY YALE FOOTBALL FAN said...


2:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

90 is Nick Hardy

3:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very happy with the outcome,everything is correctable and just amazed on the resilience of this team.Playing dead and taking it back.Will be amazing to see this team ,when it figures it all out.Do a full 60 minutes.
# 90 Nick Hardy I noticed him being very disruptive myself when he got his chance.Simino the freshmen long snapper,great job.I like to see Salters hit the line faster,harder be a North South runner.See the potential in him.Sorry to see Candler go down looks like a groin pull,my observation way the right leg was taped.
hopefully all players out will be back for Dartmouth game. They will be needed for that game. Go Yale Jon Harris

3:59 PM 
Anonymous blue boy said...

From what i saw last night from harvard yale and the rest of the teams are light years behind them .This team will only get better and better . They are a big strong physical team both sides of the ball. If they stay away from injuries this will be scary team to handle, Dartmouth is not has strong but could give them a game .

9:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think 90 is Mason Friedline. He obviosly wasn't getting it done on the OL, so they made the switch. It seems like he's a natural on the defensive side of the ball. He didn't look very athletic, but he played with a high mottor and that is all you can ask for out of your nose tackle

10:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Id say we are looking at a 4 win season this year. reno sold us on these high prized recruits who can't play. I was curious why these kids chose yale over other schools that play better football. The answer is clear now, they are not very good.

10:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:03 and 10:08 or as I like to refer Dumb an Dumber# 90 is in fact Nick Hardy.If you ever said about what you said in front of Kevin Czinger .He would pop you in the mouth.regarding nose tackles boy.
as far as other remarks,not even worth mentioning your fools.or a fool.Yale is 2and 0 and lets hear more from a disgruntled little boy.Have a good night,up way past your bed time.

11:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mason Friedline is not #90. He is an OL. It is probably hardy as 3:08PM suggested.

And there are some real football experts on this blog! Only 4 wins huh? Interesting take. We are half way there already. According to you it is all down the tubes form here. I guess we’ll see as the season progresses.

How about you identify yourself so we can check in with you when things pan out? Maybe we can call you Kirk Herbstreit when your analysis pans out? C’mon tough guy, let us know who you are!!!

7:08 AM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

10:08 = loser troll

9:16 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who else is Yale beating? Penn, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton and Maine are far better teams. They lose all 5 of those games. I'm saying they get two of three against Columbia, Lehigh and Brown. 4-6 record.

10:38 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The offense wont get much better this year. Our backs are so pathetic. Salter is a waste of admission and its not Candler Rich's fault nobody can beat him out.

12:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop talking about wins... the only"Wins" that count are IVY WINS and there won't be many of those, all non Ivy games should be looked at as scrimmages period the two games Yale has played, those "wins" were lucky ones. There is a non existent offensive line so even if you still had Varga he would have nowhere to run! so no more whining about the running backs 12:33. Roberts will be hurt very quick if he has to continue to run for his life... again the OL. To many dropped passes why?... receivers are average but Roberts has to hurry to get rid of the ball and that doesn't help things.. again...OL. Defense..pretty much a non existent secondary and its been that way for several years, the first team that comes out throwing long will annihilate the Bulldogs. Linebackers... average all very poor coverage guys. Now all you Dreamers with your cute retorts like "Hater" "Troll" "loser" and so on bend over pull you heads out of you know where, watch the games and take a realistic look at whats happening on the field! Nobody likes it but its real. There are a lot Yale fans that are just plain frustrated including me. 9:10 might have said it best..Where are all the great Recruits Reno has been getting? I can tell you where they aren't... On the field! So on to Maine (another scrimmage) would a win that doesn't count be nice, sure however win or lose it will be a great trip for eating Lobster Rolls and watching Moose.

1:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok 1:55 so lets be negative and caustic.Without dreamers and optimists we'd be speaking German or Russian. I say nyat to that , Im a Yale football fan not a Socialist Commie Harvard lover like you and your comrades.
Yale Football is Yale Football regardless of who is coaching or playing for the team.This is my team in good years or in bad. You are a person who has and askewd agenda to this wonderful program.Where you see stagnation and decay.I see grit and accomplishment. I feel sorry for you,this is most likely your way of dealing with your short comings in your lonely miserable existence.
You have been saying and approaching this blog in the same manner for as long as you have had your black heart in your chest.You don't get it you never will you piece of discarded trash. You go away and take your nasty friends with you Go Yale
Sincerely Jon Harris

2:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little perspective:
Both Colgate (which manhandled Holy Cross Saturday) and Cornell are much better this year than last.My one disappointment this year is that going back to the Brown scrimmage, Yale has been beaten badly in the first half, only to come back in the second half and barely win. That would indicate that not much progress has been made (what do they work on in practice?). OR we have a bunch of geniuses on the coaching staff who know how to adjust at halftime. The second half of the Cornell game showed me the Yale team I thought they were.

3:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is 9:10 again and I was not being "negative or caustic." I was wondering out loud why this team isn't better. If everyone just takes the position that "Yale Football is Yale Football regardless of who is coaching or playing for the team. This is my team in good years or in bad" then what is the point of ever discussing anything? By that standard, Coach Williams should still be here, as should anyone else on the staff who did not leave of his own volition or retire. There cannot be any evaluation or criticism of anyone. Ever. It's kind of silly to just personally attack anyone who is frustrated with the team and expresses that opinion. And spouting nonsense about "Commies and Russians" and then shouting down any dissenting opinion with name calling and disparagement seems more than a bit ironic.

3:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Yale isn't capable of winning a minimum of 6 games this year then I would have an issue bringing Reno back again.

3:42 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

1:55 = loser troll

6:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:42 wins the prize for the dumbest comment of the week.

6:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The secondary remains a major concern. For a while there Saturday it looked like Cornell might score 70 points before it was all over. Yale seemed to have no answer. Cannot account for what happened in the second half: Did Yale straighten out that quickly and strongly, or did Cornell mysteriously tank? Seemed Big Red abandoned the pass for the most part in the second half; don't know why they did (maybe for ball control?), but they did the Elis a big favor. Despite the Bulldogs awful first half performance (those ridiculous personal fouls demonstrate a severe lack of discipline and need to be addressed), as bad a half as I have ever seen any Bulldog team play, I was still reasonably sure that they could, and would, come back to win. Incredibly, they did. They seem resilient and resourceful, qualities which are every bit as important as physical skills (if you ask me). They lost an NFL-caliber running back and two receivers who made significant contributions to the GREATEST OFFENSE IN MODERN YALE FOOTBALL HISTORY (let that sink in for a moment). Of course there will be a drop off as the team tries to develop it's own identity (and let's not forget last year's team was only 5-5 the year before, so it's not like they were a juggernaut). They have excellent special teams (so far), a record-setting quarterback, a talented if not quite tested group of receivers and they are undefeated. I don't make predictions about wins and losses. But I think every game will be a contest. And I expect they will win more than they lose.

6:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, Football is a Different game today and played different than it was in the 30'S
God Bless....

7:04 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with both of 9:10 comments

7:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When people say things that are not all warm and fuzzy about the Bulldogs seems as if a couple of guys get all wound up. fact is ALL sports fans no matter what sport or team say things like that kicker sucks, we have no hitters, guy can't skate ETC. doesn't mean they don't support the team, doesn't mean their not fans,9 times out of 10 it means they ARE fans and Do support the team 9:10 and 1:55 hit the nail on the head might not be all warm and fuzzy so what it's their opinion. So 2:31, Jon and John
might be better for you guys to keep your bullying and opinions at home.

7:28 PM 
Anonymous blue boy said...

Guys just a few words. You may think this is crazy but we need help in the back field. 4 and inches we were thrown back .This will happen again if changes do not take place.One player I like Sebastian Little put him in when we need a yard or two he may surprise us all.We have plenty of good TE we need someone to get us that yard.

7:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Jon Harris, let me put it this way so even you can understand. Who would you rather have by your side in a fight me who is loyal or spineless worm like you.? Who hides in the shadows. Ill stickup to anybody or anything. This team is having growing pains,it could go anyway. But there are tangibles you cant measure.That people like you will never understand the heart,belief and the human spirit.You maggot.
Calling me a bully ,grow up. This is personal its like family. How long have you been around Yale since your son got cut from the team 4 years ago.? Truth Teller gave yourself up when you did the bully thing.LOL.yup
Reno is safe with his job. Offensive line will get better, New Defensive coordinators system is doing a tremendously on 2nd half adjustments. Secondary has been a thorn in the backside for years.But they are improving. special teams are the best I've seen in years.Actually leading nation in blocked extra points.points.Not just 1 guy but a few.very unusual. Kicking of Holmes is great and consistent Long snapper Simino is stellar, he recovered a fumble to boot. So Truth Teller bring lunch money .Ill smell you later. This team can only get better. Jon Harris xox

8:20 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

7:28 = loser troll

8:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have had the same DB coach for 4 years. That group has never improved.

9:52 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayut that was pointed out in a prior post. No need to beat a dead horse boy.8:20 got it they need to improve. Im sure they even know it.

10:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tailback situation is not good folks. I like the idea of moving some athlete to that spot. See, for example, Todd Scott in 97.

11:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is how I see it. Obviously things need to get better as we will face some tougher teams & our schedule progresses. However we have won each of the games we have been in so let’s start there; 2-0 is as good as it currently gets. Lehigh will be an interesting game. They do not count towards our league of course. Everyone is saying Penn is better, which they seem to be validating this by beating a good Villanova team on this past Thursday (Villanova was ranked 4th in the country at the time). However the week prior they got handily defeated by this Lehigh team, which in turn this past week got handily beaten by Princeton. This proves the main and most important factor; forget what you may think, you have to play the games.

Defensively we obviously need to play better in the first half of games. In 2 games we gave given up no points in the 3rd quarter and 7 in the 7th quarter. This obviously proves that we can adjust well and finish; however we do need to get a better start on stopping teams early. Lehigh’s offense is their strength and we should be tested there. I was hoping to see us pressure the QB more with the front 4this season. It seems like the only pressure we are getting is coming from blitzes. 2 of the 3 sacks we have on the season are from LB’s. We need to get more pressure on the QB. Our LB’s are struggling in coverage as well. To me the DB’s are playing better than last year so far. There were some beat on a few plays, however if there is no pressure on the QB you cannot expect them to cover WR’s all day long.

Offensively everyone wants to point at the fact that we don’t have an “RB”. First we need to acknowledge the fact that our OL has not played as well as we would have liked them to. Morgan Roberts has had some good stats in 2 games. However if you have watched the games he has thrown the ball under pressure it seems much more than he has had to in the past. To his credit he has thrown only 1 INT so far in close to 100 attempts with some shaky protection. Running the ball has been a struggle, but we knew that we needed help from the OL early to be successful here until our new RB got himself comfortable in that role. I think Rich has been ok (122 yards in 2 games; 61 yards a game average, 3.9 yards per carry average), and Salter has been ok too (51 yards in 2 games; 25.5 yards a game average, 3.0 yards per carry average). Without good blocking what do you expect them to be? They are not Varga. They have run within the offense well and are not break away backs. They are going to churn out yards as they are given. Reuland got in the game this past week and they never gave him the ball. He had a good spring, should he get a shot?

11:28 PM mentioned taking an “athlete” and putting him there like they did with Todd Scott in 97’ to get something out of him. The staff did that last spring by switching Jamal Locke from DB to RB. As of now he does not appear on the 3 deep. Last weekend we watched him field a rolling kick off that bounced head high with one hand and then returned it 84 yards. This was the longest kick return for Yale since 2006. I’m sure they switched him because they knew he could do that. Think it may be time to give him some reps there? I know coaches have to make “safe” decisions to protect the team, but the vision and explosion that he has shown on KOR looks like it could serve us well coming out of the backfield in some way. Looks like he may be able to do some things from there that the others may not.

Bottom line is that we have won both games, which is what counts so far. We are a team that shows resilience, which is a great trait to have. We have to improve as time goes on, and we need to make a big jump in one of the early weeks in the season. I’d like to see it this week.


1:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you TNC, clear and informative as always.Go Yale!!!!.

2:20 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

TNC = intelligent and well reasoned

4:35 PM 

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