Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ivy League preseason poll

1.Harvard (11)130
2.Dartmouth (4)116
3.Yale (1)98
5.Brown (1)80

Here are some notes from Tuesday's media teleconference with the Ivy League coaches. Here is a link to the entire teleconference. 

And below are some additional quotes from Tony Reno...

Reno on Yale's defense: "Defensively, the strength is the group of guys that played as freshman two years ago and started a lot of games and played a lot of football for us. They have played well at times. Good, not great. Challenge for us is can we become a great defense. You look at Harvard last year. That was one heck of a defense. That’s what it takes to win championships in our league. We have a lot of work to do to get there. Goal is to develop our defense to be that level of defense."

He also spoke highly of the OL returners in Khalid Cannon, Luke Longinotti, Mason Friedline and Jon Bezney. He added, this is the first year during his tenure that Yale has returned its starting QB.

Reno on key losses: "We have to replace a lot of production. Tyler Varga is with the Colts, our all-time leading WR Deon Randall, our captain last year, is gone along with Grant Wallace who was an All-American last year. We have guys in our program that can do job, but just haven’t had chance to do it yet." 

Reno on running game: "Candler Rich is a guy that played well for us last two years. He replaced Tyler two years ago when he went down with an injury. He played well for us last year as well. Like Tyler did last year, he needs to earn carries. He’s done a great job so far and we expect a lot out of him."

Reno on an increased passing attack: "Not any more than we did last year. I think we have a good group of backs and our offense we want to run our football. It’s no secret."

Reno on Bo Hines: "He’s been here all summer training. He’ll start class with the rest of the guys. He had a very good year at NC State. I really like his makeup as a person. I love his intangibles on the field. He’s a talented athlete and we have a talented group of WRs."

Reno on Morgan Roberts: "Difference between last year at this time and this year is Morgan hadn’t been a full-time starter. Morgan played a little when Hank Furman was injured. Had a body of work last year that was good. What’s really impressed me the most over the last five months is his leadership, his intangibles, and ability to get teammates to do things and get them to a level we need them to be. He’s been here all summer. He’s led by example and his work ethic, which is tireless. Those are the things I’m most impressed with." 


Anonymous Richard Patrick 57 said...

I would say no surprises here. Fourth, fifth and sixth places are impossible to predict because teams at this level invariably end up in ties at the end of the season. Third would be as high as Yale can be predicted to finish at this point.

4:52 PM 
Anonymous blue boy said...

Just looked at video of Andrew Grinder fast good moves and powerfull. Look like Varga but smaller. Any one know his true weight some reports have him at 215 Lb not 205. He has another year of highschool football he will get more offers his Sr year . Hope he stays will be a great back.

7:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two comments about the kicking game. First, i hope that Yale found a quality snapper. Second, Yale first-team all ivy placekicker will be missed.

3:14 PM 

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