Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's YOUR prediction?

Yale begins the heart of its Ivy League schedule hosting Penn on Saturday.

What's your prediction for Saturday's game? List below...


Anonymous John Walsh said...

Yale 41 Penn 21

Varga - 150 yards

Defense keep improving

2:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous from Amherst

Bulldogs trounce Penn behind the offense of Roberts, Varga, and Randall, with the Yale defense rising to the occasion to offer a stalwart performance.

Yale 45, Penn 17

3:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale will beat Penn 45 to 24
Cheers see ya Lil Pisan
Jon Harris

4:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One for the road for Bags. Penn 28 Yale 27.

4:34 PM 
Anonymous Richard Patrick 57 said...

34-21 YALE

4:54 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penn's passing game is predictable and running game non existent.
Yale 48- Penn 21

7:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always a problem to be so sure. Stay positive but every game is a fight.

12:10 AM 
Anonymous mark said...

It's been a long time since I felt confident heading into a game with Penn.
Yale 42
Penn 24

8:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This list is loaded with overconfident predictions. It's clear everyone thinks their 1-4 record means Penn is awful, but I'm not sure that's a fair conclusion. They have lost to Villanova, Jacksonville, and Fordham, ranked 4, 7, and 12 respectively in the FCS rankings. It's very hard to conclude that Yale is so superior. When Yale played a top ten FCS team last year (Fordham) that team put up 52 points in a non-competitive three-touchdown win. There is also the issue that Penn has been studying film of a defense that still can't stop a nosebleed. No reason to believe this one doesn't fit the same high-scoring, close game pattern. And if the players bring the same overconfidence the commenters on this blog have, it will be Penn 34-31

3:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:03 = hater troll

3:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reno is over confident right now, perfect time for an upset. Penn 38-31

4:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:31 = hater troll

4:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess if this is the moronic game we're playing then, 3:14 = silly simpleton

8:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:33 = hater troll

10:00 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hempel stays healthy, Harvard will will crush Yale. Doing it to Princeton 28-0 at half (they are no match). Yale will be no match again and will continue Yale's losing streak!!!!

Yale losing their too best players this year, so next year will be a YOUNG TEAM for Yale. That will be what Coach Reno will say. Jon Harris cheers to another season of losing at Yale!!

2:37 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:37 = not just a hater troll, but a real jerk

4:54 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

I guess Yale was NOT overconfident even though the haters had hoped they would be.

Hard to believe I will be pulling for Harvard next week, but that may be the last chance for Dartmouth to lose a league game.

Should be a fun final four games.

By the way, 4:54. Don't feed the trolls. That's what they want.

5:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Observer 2:37pm You are a blustering fool ,who has no idea
about a persons heart or soul.Facts yes any moron can lookup that.
Heres to Yale victories and Yale beating the Ever lasting $*@! out of the self abusing piece of $#@!
Sincerly Jon Harris

2:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, let's wait a minute here, I don't think 2:37 is a Cantab. I would bet he is not. The Crimson don't have to play that game. This is a Reno-Yale hater but likely not a Cantab. I'd like to beat H. fair and square but so far have no reason to disrespect them. Let's take it a game at a time and not get fired up by these trolls

2:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:41 Let me make this perfectly clear.I hope Harvard loses in every which way and form.
I am looking forward to YALE running the table.See what happens then.
My name is Jon Harris

4:01 PM 

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