Saturday, October 04, 2014

LIVE BLOG: Yale at Cornell

Follow Yale's Ivy League opener, as the Bulldogs look to move to 3-0 against Cornell at Schoellkopf Field in Ithaca, N.Y.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How bout that let down John Walshcvilnto and the rest of you “naysayers”. Is it finally fair to say that Yale football means business this season? Probably not for many of you. We’ll hear how bad Cornell is and “wait until we play so & so”. We’ll I can’t wait! And I am having so much fun watching this team play each week. They are playing HARD and having FUN doing it! And no matter the sport that is a thing of beauty to watch. All the credit goes to Reno, his staff, and these great young men on the roster. Great work so far and I’m already looking forward to next week! Bring on Dartmouth. GO BULLDOGS!!


5:17 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...

I'm glad I was wrong. However, since I still predicted Yale would win, and by more than 10 points,I'm hardly a naysayer. But if it makes you happy to think so, fine.

5:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’ve been following closely for months John Walshcvilnto (who I assumed was a different person from John Walsh, but apparently I was wrong). I do not consider you a naysayer. However you seemed to agree with them this week in thinking that a letdown was only “natural” in this situation for our Bulldogs. I actually consider you a supporter, and a consistent one. I would have liked to see you go with the thoughts that this team is displaying special tendencies at this point (which we are on display weekly), and the one that seems to stand out right now is their focus. They seem to be approaching each game with a methodical focus that has them grounded and able to stand together in a common goal, which is not looking past anyone and playing every play hard to win the game. This is exactly why, since after the first 2 scores of their season, (none of which were theirs) that put them at a deficit, they have stood together and fought with and for their squad. Again, this has been a pleasure to see thus far. 3 games does not make a season, but we are certainly moving in the right direction.


7:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The removal of Morris has helped the program move forward. Conlin has done a good job thus far.

7:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumors that Reno could be the next coach of Michigan.

8:25 PM 
Anonymous John Walsh said...


I still think a letdown would have only been natural and it is a credit to the team and the coaching staff that they won as decisively as they did.

I don't know where the John Walshcvilnto name came from, or even how to pronounce it. But it was my message. Poor typing, I guess.

8:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was talk that everyone played but one player andrew johnson any truth to this. I hope not bad move by reno if true.

10:08 PM 
Anonymous Mark said...

GREAT win...keeps momentum going for the next 3 games at The Bowl!!!

10:54 PM 
Anonymous Redskin said...

Agreed...GREAT win! Hey 10:08 Anonymous Troll, who knows what you hope for?...why don't you just go work for her campaign and leave the football to the men?...

11:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy for the guys. And Roberts has proven to not bad so far. This team has balance on offensive and can score. Not bad for the 6 seniors on offensive. How far this team goes will depend on how the defense plays and developes. Teams now have 3 game tapes and Yale must be prepared to adjust. I am not a reno fan but give credit when due.

8:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:08 and 8:07 you will never stop. Thankfully no one is listening, meaning the team, the coaches and the real fans. One stumble on anyone's part and you will be all over everything and everyone, finding anything you can ("Not bad for the 6 seniors on offensive") to undermine what is a growing and developing strong program with committed players who are actually working hard and having fun.They have done great so far meeting every test -and everyone knows there are no easy games and every week is a new test. They have our tapes 8:07 but also we have theirs. Credit goes to everyone connected with this program from the top to the bottom and the real fans support and belief for the future. They will continue to be tested every week in a new way. They wont give up. Roll dawgs

11:26 AM 
Anonymous wyldebill said...

Amen, 11:26.

I see no reason for cynicism and pessimism, and everyone should really enjoy this ride. That said, in my heart of hearts I fear we'll slip up somewhere and lose an unblemished season, since various teams have done so since 1960 ('68, '81, '07, plus a perfect Ivy campaign going by the boards in '89).

I know, we're not guaranteed to 9-1, 8-2 or anything else. But it's tough not to dream big after a start like this. Princeton and Harvard are sure to be tough. But if we walk off the field in Cambridge with a victory, and at least a shared Ivy title, I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Hate to date myself, but I was at the Columbia game in '66 when Pete Dougherty set the 5-TD pass record that Roberts tied yesterday. It was my first football game.

5:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Princeton and Harvard WILL be tough, but your undefeated season goes bye-bye this coming weekend against Dartmouth.

7:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a number of the dartmouth coaches once coached yale so we will see

7:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a number of the dartmouth coaches once coached yale so we will see

7:26 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coaches at Dartmouth who were at Yale are the rats who cried to the NCAA in regards to Varga. The recruiting coordinator in particular.

12:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be a very good game next Saturday.Dartmouth will be a good test.
But I see Yale with a win
Beat Dartmouth and beat them Well
Beat the Green out of'em
Cheers Jon Harris

4:13 PM 

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