Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's YOUR prediction?

It's time. The 130th edition of The Game.
Yale hosts Harvard on Saturday at noon at the Yale Bowl.
There are a few unknowns like the weather and injury updates that will be factors.
My pick? Yale drops another close one and finishes at .500: Harvard 34, Yale 27.
What's YOUR prediction? Comment below...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so close - Harvard 42, Yale 10.

11:22 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale 35
Harvard 14

Harvard is not so good this year

Jimmy Thagreke

1:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale, has been waiting for a long time.For this moment,and will win this game.
27 to 24
Jon Harris

1:52 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ale 38, Harvard 31

Hank Furman has a career day, and puts two of his best halves together, to lead the Bulldogs over the Crimson, with the assistance of multi-purpose offensive threat Deon Randall, and others. The Yale defense has a field day behind the whole contingent, especially Beau Palin and Dylan Drake who play a memorable final game in a Yale uniform. Team effort, with stellar standouts throughout, precipitate a Yale winning streak against Harvard beginning with this GAME.

Yale Fan, from Amherst, Massachusetts

4:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Harvard will come out on top. Yale's coaching (or lack thereof) leaves nothing to the imagination and is definitely nothing to brag about!

8:11 PM 
Anonymous Matt Gad (Elm City Sports Intern) said...

Harvard is the better team, and that is obvious this season. But Yale will finish off 6-5 as they will pull off a shocking 24-23 victory in a game decided in the last few minutes!

10:52 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Harvard is not so good this year?" says 1:07? Well, they played Princeton, who smoked us, to a draw, and beat everyone else. So I'm not so sure about that conclusion. It would appear that the losing streak will continue. But... the hourly forecast for New Haven Saturday is rain ending in the morning,partly cloudy and cold for the game, with the SUN breaking through around 3 p.m. That will be God smiling down on the Bulldogs as they pull off a shocker: 31-27 Yale. Happy Days are here again!

8:48 AM 
Anonymous Mark said...

I don't care what logic says, GO BULLDOGS!

Yale - 24
Harvard - 21

5:33 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Prediction? Pain." - Clubber Lang

4:04 PM 
Anonymous wyldebill said...

I was traveling -- to The Game,which I saw -- and was unable to leave my prediction in this space beforehand. It was yale 31, Harvard 25 (before Princeton scored 59 on us, it was gonna be 31-10). I naively thought Reno's knowledge of H's system and players gave us an edge despite Harvard's excellence, an idea borne out by our near-upset last year in Cambridge. Year after year I hope and fervently believe things will change; losing to H absolutely cost Jack his job, and somewhat cost Williams his. I do believe the Elis are on the upswing, I just hope this we bag a win in this series, the sooner the better.... BTW I spoke to Tyler Varga on the field after and he said he re-injured his foot in the first quarter. I congratulated him on running hard, but you could tell he was sad, as we all were. (Lastly, Chris Smith's angry frustration when he was hurt on the opening KO was poignant to witness. Crappy way to end a great career; come back after missing last season, play well for half the year, get hurt, return for Harvard, only get one play. Poor guy.

12:08 AM 

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