Sunday, October 06, 2013

Yale gets signature win over Cal Poly

The Bulldogs improved to 3-0 with a huge 24-10 win Saturday over No. 19 Cal Poly.
Yale's defense adjusted to the Mustangs pace and held them to just 37 yards of total offense in the second half. Meanwhile, Yale's up-tempo offense seemed to wear down Cal Poly and Henry Furman threw for two second-half TDs.
To be honest, Cal Poly did not look like a Top 25 team. Either that, or Yale is just that good. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Cal Poly weekend was fabulous. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the football looked and acted great both on and off the field.
We owned the second half (as we have thus far) and that's a tribute to our coaching and conditioning given the debilitating heat and Cal Poly's speed and athleticism.
Our Cal Poly hosts were welcoming and gracious before, during and after the game. The sight of Yale plumage would elicit questions before the game and congratulations afterwards. One Cal Poly grad characterized the game as being between "smart kids" and "smarter kids." The very impressive Cal Poly band gave us a spirited rendition of "Down the Field" and continued playing long after the game ended when the only people on the field were euphoric Yalies, their friends and families. It seems to this observer that all the players' families are firmly behind Coach Reno and what he's doing whether their sons/grandsons are stars or observers.
Let me add, as I have in the past, that I am not related to Coach Reno by blood or marriage, nor do I or any affiliates have any financial relationships with him or any of his affiliates. I hope that will do.
Cheers, L et V

1:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great defensive effort in second half. Flanders used alot of players including as many as 5 freshmen on field at one time.

Offense play calling was suspect in second quarter but second half was very good.

Yale is not a top 20 team yet but the Bulldogs are good enough to capitalize on turnovers and stupid penalties to beat a physically bigger, stronger and faster team.

That's a big step ahead for the program. Hats off to Reno and his staff.

1:41 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

What a great day for Yale football!

After all that travel, Dartmouth will seem like a home game!

2:25 PM 

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