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Tuesday's news and notes

Tony Reno has been very impressed with the play of QB Henry Furman thus far.

And rightfully so.

Furman set the school’s single-game record or completion percentage, as he completed 29 of 36 passes for 353 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed four times for 22 yards and another score.

Reno likened him to a strong point guard who distributes the ball to his playmakers.

“He’s doing a great job,” Reno said. “He’s steady, he’s a leader. Nothing rattles him. He’s been very efficient. That’s what we’re looking for.”


Reno had this to say Tuesday when asked about his future plans…

“There’s a guy (former Yale coach Carm Cozza) that comes to luncheon usually. He’s coached here for 32 years. I’d like to surpass his record. I come from a tight family. That means a lot to me. This is one of those places. These guys have goals which are incredible. I love Ivy League football. Raising three kids around guys like this, how do you get better than that. My father said to me once ‘It’s not where you’re at, it’s who you’re with.”


Yale freshman DB Robert Ries had nine tackles and his first career INT in the Bulldogs win over Cornell, earning him Ivy League Rookie of the Week honors.

Ries, part of a young secondary, has stepped in and made an immediate impact for Yale. He played well in the scrimmage against Brown and the Bulldogs coaching staff took notice.

“He comes from a good high school program,” Reno said. “He understands routes and has good vision.”


Yale travels to California for the third time Saturday to take on No. 19 Cal Poly.

The game was scheduled by former Yale coach Tom Williams. There’s a significant alumni base in California and it’s also good for recruiting purposes. Yale will meet with some recruits during the trip.

And it’s obviously a good test for the Bulldogs.

“They’re as close to a BCS school as you’re going to get,” Reno said.

The Mustangs are similar to the Bulldogs in the sense that they play at a fast pace. Cal Poly ran 97 plays last week in a 38-34 win over Portland State. Defensively, they have speed as well. They run a 4-3 defense and stay pretty static in it, Reno said.


Yale and Cal Poly have three California high schools in common.

Yale’s Keith Coty, along with Cal Poly’s EJ Galvez and Aaryn Bouzos were teammates at La Mirada High School in 2008-09. Yale’s Deon Randall and West Gavin were teammates with the Mustangs Ronald Jackson at Francis Parker High School from 2007-09. Lastly, Austin Reuland of Yale and Cal Poly’s Colin Dzubnar played together at Mission Viejo High in 2010-11.

There are 18 players on the Yale roster that are from California.


Center John Oppenheimer had this to say about Yale’s no-huddle offense and its effect on Colgate and Cornell…

“It’s interesting, at the end of first half both teams you can see it in their body language. Their hands are on their hips, they’re bending over. As an offensive line and an offense in general, we love that. We eat that up. We know if we push to play even faster we’re going to wear them down by the end of the game.”


Deon Randall earned Ivy League offensive player of the week honors, scoring four consecutive TDs and catching a career-high 11 passes for 148 yards. He also rushed three times for 18 yards.

His first TD of the game marked his first TD at Yale Bowl.

The bubble screen caused problems for the Cornell defense and Randall reaped the benefits.

Randall missed last season with a shoulder injury. His return has been huge for Yale’s offense.

Randall also got in on the defensive action for the Bulldogs. He made a tackle and broke up a pass.

One reporter asked Randall if he could stop himself.

“It’d be a good matchup,” Randall said.


Anonymous bob semple '59 said...

Chris--Keep up the good work. One question: Have Cam Sandquist and Austin Reuland, two key receivers last year, seen much action? Bob Semple

1:20 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

Hank Furman is quite a story. It's hard to realize he was a so-so quarterback on pretty bad JV teams his freshman and sophomore years. If he gets hurt, Yale will be without a replacement who is nearly as good. Thank God for those running backs!

1:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the run game that makes it all possible. The defenses are scared to death of Varga running wild so they put 8 in the box on every play. We are just taking advantage of what is given when this happens.

3:16 PM 
Blogger Chris Hunn said...

Thanks, Bob. I don't know how many snaps those guys have gotten, but with Smith, Randall, Little and Coty back, they have definitely taken a back seat in the passing game.

10:36 PM 

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