Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's YOUR prediction

Yale is off to its best start - 3-0 - since 1997.

The Bulldogs are coming off a 24-10 upset over Cal Poly. Yale will travel to Hanover, N.H. to face Dartmouth Saturday at 1:30. The Big Green lost to Penn in four overtimes last weekend, the longest game in
Ivy League history.

What's your prediction for Saturday's game? Comment below...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

L et V

11:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well everyone is aware of our passing game now but to be honest with you they will still focus on stopping the run. Everyone will do that because it is easy to do as our QB does not run in an offense that is built on a premise that the QB will run. His 14 carries vs Williams 56 will be the difference in this game as we both run the same offense. And I know that some will say that Varga still runs for 100+ per game but let me tell you those are tough yards and he will not be able to keep doing it all season. It should not require a herculean effort to get a 100 yards rushing but that is what it has turned in to. Get Varga outside, run some pitches and sweeps, throw some screens,get Deon and Chris involved in the run game. And don't think you can throw 20 bubble screens per game! Don't be so predictable! Once the run game is shut down you can kiss the passing game goodbye!

12:11 AM 
Anonymous Wishful thinker said...

Some people are never satisfied (see above).

Yale 31 Dartmouth 21 - Varga will be the big star this week on offense and Egu will have a breakout game rushing the Dartmouth QB.

7:37 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come off it. Criticizing the coaching after a 3-0 start which many suggested (hoped?) might be 0-3, puleeeze.
Don't our second half performances suggest that the coaching staff has some ability to adjust and adapt? The scoreboard at Cal Poly whinnies loudly after every Mustang first down. It was awfully quiet in the second half last Saturday, but did suggest that if we ever get a new scoreboard it should bark or growl at appropriate moments.
And, if the opponents give us the bubble screen or anything else, we should take advantage of it.
L et V

1:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@12:11: I agree that if they can stuff Varga without packing the box we will need to turn to a different strategy. So far, no one has managed to do that. Reno may have another strategy, but there's no reason to bring it out until he has to. I was at Cal Ply last week... Varga running outside did not work... it's about the only thing that did not work against a physically superior team.

I'll take boring, predictable and winning every single day. Carm made it work for 30 years!

2:20 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

Slight correction. Carm made it work for 20 years. The last 10 were nothing to rave about. His players did have faith in him,and it looks like Reno's do too.

3:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction noted. I was originally going to say 25, but that sounded uncharitable.

The basic point still stands: Reno has a simple theory on the current offense which will work until you can stop Varga with 6 guys. There is absolutely no reason to change it until that happens.

4:38 PM 
Anonymous Mark said...

Yale - 24
Dartmouth - 17

2-0 in the Ivy would be great...
and Yale owes them from last year!

8:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:11 AM Bang on the money! The gig is up.

9:54 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:54 Thanks for the props, but I'm not sure they stopped Varga so much as sending Varga wide stopped Varga. They seemed very focused on throwing downfield for some reason. This game was winnable (mostly because Dartmouth made so many mental mistakes) but I don't think that the offensive game that was called gave us much of a chance. Losing Smith didn't help either. I'm still optimistic, whatever happens next week.

3:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dartmouth will win its league-leading 18th Ivy title in 2013.

1:33 PM 
Anonymous Aunt Betty said...

Anonymous 1:33

They would have to run the table in the Ivy League including Harvard at Harvard.


2:08 PM 
Anonymous richardpatrick 57 said...

Not likely. If they lose just one more game they are pretty much out, and they have Harvard and Princeton to deal with. Both seem much stronger than Dartmouth. I wouldn't rule out Brown either.

2:27 PM 

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