Friday, October 18, 2013

Fordham on Yale

I spoke with Fordham head coach Joe Moorhead about Saturday’s matchup. Moorhead was UConn’s offensive coordinator 2009-10.

Moorhead said he’s very impressed with what Tony Reno has done with the program. He said the Bulldogs are very disciplined on film. He spoke highly of the Bulldogs offensive line and said Tyler Varga will be one of the toughest RBs Fordham will see all year. They can’t let QB Henry Furman beat them with his legs and Deon Randall will be a dangerous matchup.

Defensively, Moorhead said Will Vaughan will be one of the top LBs the Rams will see. He was also impressed with Beau Palin up front and the talent of the underclassmen in the secondary.

Also a quote from DL Brett Biestek, who is from Wallingford: “Varga is a great RB. He’s a big, strong, tough, hard-nosed guy. One of the toughest RBs we will face all year. They OL does a good job of protecting the QB and opening holes. We have to watch the bubble and quick screens. It’ll be a touch challenge for our defense.”


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