Saturday, August 18, 2012

Opening practice

Here’s a story on the Bulldogs first practice. Video interview with senior Chris Dooley is below. 

I will be covering the New Haven Open tennis tournament through Aug. 25, but will do my best to get over to practice to get some updates.

The quarterback situation is perhaps the biggest story heading into the season. Head coach Tony Reno is clearly not saying much until a decision is made. It’s a battle between junior John Whitelaw and freshmen Logan Scott and Eric Williams.

When talking to RB Mordecai Cargill, Whitelaw seems to be the guy. Cargill said he worked really hard over the summer and organized 7-on-7s.

“We’re rallying behind him,” Cargill said. “We’re looking forward to him leading the offense.”
As for the freshmen, Cargill said: “They have the tools. But they’re freshman. They have to get used to the speed of the game and the plays coming at them fast. In a week or two, they will rise.”

But Cargill looks much improved. In addition, sophomore Kahlil Keys and freshman Tyler Varga of Canada are two other talented backs. Behind a strong OL, Yale could pound the ball if needed.
Varga, from Canada, is 5-11, 220. He’s a big, fast and athletic, and be a nice addition to the running game.


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