Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yale football writer passes away

Longtime sports writer and 1945 Yale graduate Bill Wallace died Friday in Norwalk Hospital.
Wallace wrote for the Yale Daily News, the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Times. Wallace published a weekly online commentary during the Yale football season titled Bullpoop and is also author of the book titled, “Yale’s Ironmen: A Story of Football and Lives in the Decade of the Depression and Beyond.”
You can read some of his stories that The Times has archived at:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sad day.

When we were in school, my ex-wife and I, after attending a particularly exciting Yale football contest, would eagerly await Wallace's account of the game in the New York Times the next day.

Always a well-written, concise account of what we had seen.

Brings back a flood of memories.


10:48 AM 
Blogger gratefulmom said...

Thank you for your contribution to Yale Football, especially your personal touches of the young men who played the game. Rest in Peace and watch over us from your heavenly seat!

8:25 PM 

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