Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up with Jesse Reising

There will be a story on Yale linebacker Jesse Reising in Sunday's edition of the Register. The last time most Yale fans likely saw Reising, he was laying on the ground at Harvard Stadium after a violent collision with Harvard running back Gino Gordon in the fourth quarter of the Nov. 20 game.

Reising's right arm was still in a sling when I sat down with him earlier this month. He spends about four hours in physical therapy daily and is planning to head to the Mayo Clinic next week for a comprehensive evaluation to see if surgery is needed.

A sad aspect of Reising's story is that his dream of becoming an officer in the Mariners is currently on hold as the injuries he suffered led to him being disenrolled from officer training. Despite the circumstances, he is keeping a very positive approach to his uncertain future.



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