Saturday, October 02, 2010

Special teams are anything but special

When Alex Barnes had both of his field goals blocked in a season-opening win over Georgetown, Yale coach Tom Williams believed it was the result of one player not doing their job.

Williams was singing a different tune after today's special teams meltdown.

Barnes had a punt blocked and returned for a touchdown, had an extra point blocked and field goal blocked. He also had a 23-yard punt while kicking out of his end zone which led to another Albany touchdown. Yale was called for holding penalties on a kickoff and punt return costing them valuable field position and Albany downed two punts inside the 5. Also, Williams said Barnes' onsides kick was not done properly. Although freshman Nick Okano got to the ball after it went at least 10 yards after Yale had pulled within 23-20, he could not control the ball before being forced out of bounds. Albany got possession and although the Great Danes did not score, they did run more time off the clock.

Williams expressed his concern regarding the special teams miscues calling it "a crisis."

There were a couple of impressive special teams plays. Jordan Forney ran 28 yards for a touchdown on a fake field goal on the final play of the first half and Barnes did a great job getting a punt off after a bad snap. Albany was called for roughing the kicker on the play allowing Yale to keep the ball.

There are some injuries concerns which I will be keeping an eye on. Center Jake Koury was seen leaving the field on crutches while quarterback Patrick Witt and defensive end Matt Battaglia were knocked out of the game. William said he did not have any injury updates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one and only bright spot on special teams is the kick returner Smith. He's been great given the fact he has had so little protection.

7:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are dead on with the special team is a joke. They have more blocked FG and extra points in 3 games that most teams have in a season. The secondary also need to tighten up. To many under coverage passes being caught

8:51 PM 

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