Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yale/Cornell live stream

While today's game against Cornell will not be televised, I've been getting alerts that it a live stream is available. I've never tried this particular service so can't vouch for its quality, I figured I would pass on the info to those who want to check out the game.

The one position for Yale I am most interested in checking out today is defensive end. At the mid-week practice I attended both starters Tom McCarthy and Matt Battaglia were held out. McCarthy has a lower left leg issue but apparently is not a reaggravation of his troublesome Achilles tendon injury which knocked him out of the season opener against Georgetown while Battaglia is bothered by a hamstring issue.

Yale football coach Tom Williams said he believes that defensive end is one of the Bulldogs' deepest position so if McCarthy and Battaglia can't go, players like Sean Williams (who had a strong effort against Georgetown), Austin Pulsipher and Cliff Foreman are among the players who can be plugged in.

Williams said he expects seven freshmen to travel for the first road game. Offensive tackle Wes Gavin is expected to make his first start, receivers Deon Randall (who will also play quarterback in the wildcat formation) and Cameron Sandquist, defensive back Nick Okano, either tight end/h-back Beau Palin or Keith Coty, quarterback John Whitelaw and linebacker Brian Leffler, who is a sophomore academically but missed all of last season with a knee injury so Williams considers him to be a freshman.

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Anonymous Jeff in Arizona said...

I never got the stream you posted to work, but this one did and still does if anyone wants to watch a replay

4:21 PM 

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