Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yale up 13 at halftime

Led by Patrick Witt's 240 passing yards and Jordan Haynes return of a fumble for a touchdown, Yale is up 27-14 on Georgetown at halftime.

Alex Thomas took a screen pass from Witt 20 yards for a touchdown and added a 6-yard scoring run. Witt hooked up with tight end Chris Blohm for a 10-yard score with 37 seconds left in the first half.

Haynes also had a team-high six tackles according to the unofficial live stats.

Former Hillhouse products Keerome Lawrence (3 catches for 30 yards) and Jeremy Moore (six tackles) have made an impact for Georgetown although Lawrence was called for three first-half penalties.

The first Georgetown touchdown came when Yale's Drew Baldwin tipped Scott Darby's pass at the goal line and Jamal Davis snared the deflection for a 40-yard score. Philip Oladeji's 17 yard scoring run was aided when Jordan Haynes was whistled for a forearm to the helmet of after Lawrence grabbed a short pass. Rather than Georgetown being faced with 3rd and 17, it had a first down.

A couple of lineup changes for Yale. Defensive end Tom McCarthy was forced out early. I saw Yale's medical staff working on his lower left leg but not sure if it is a reaggravation of his injured Achilles. Also, Wes Gavin took over for Jeff Fell at right tackle. Since Fell remained Yale's long snapper, I'd have to say it was more an injury related move.


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