Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's practice report

Not much to report from practice. Quarterback Patrick Witt took pretty much all the snaps when I was there except when Dez Duron ran scout team stuff. I didn't see Brook Hart take a snap in the hour or so I was at practice. H-back John Sheffield and receiver Reid Lathan caught everything thrown their way.

Adam Money was out there practicing without limitation while freshman cornerback Kurt Stottlemyer saw plenty of time with the first team.

It was not a great day for the kickers. Tom Mante and Alex Barnes had field goals blocked on consecutive tries and Mante followed up with a horrible shank on his next effort. They both settled down and made some kicks after that. Barnes will continue to handle the extra points and medium range field goals while Mante will punt, kick off and be called upon for long-range field goals.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Hart should have gotten some reps???

6:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Farris should get some reps - he showed in the Spring he has the the intrinsics to be the QB and lead the Bulldogs to victory- Hart had the opportunity last year and again this year and could not do the job - Witt has had multiple opportunities and certainly isn't the guy either!

9:48 AM 

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