Saturday, November 07, 2009

Brown 35, Yale 21 final

What a difference a year makes. In last year's Yale/Brown game defense ruled the day.

That was definitely not the story line on Saturday. Brown ripped through the Yale defense for nearly 500 yards of offense including 225 yards rushing.

Yale managed 345 yards of offense but three Patrick Witt interceptions proved costly as the Bulldogs were officially eliminated from contention for the Ivy League title.


Anonymous Jeff in AZ said...

Yale really, really , REALLY misses Larry Abare. This is just not the same defense without him, especially against the run.

5:19 PM 
Anonymous bulldog said...

The biggest promblem this season is the offensive line. They have been dominated in the trenches in every game. Usually an O-line has the ability to either run block well, but not protect against the pass rush, or vice versa. Good teams can. do both. Yale does neither and it shows. There is talent at the skill positions, however if you can't keep the defense out of the backfield, that talent is negated. They just aren't physical at the point of attack. Whether it's inexperience, lack of physical strength and agility, or perhaps the coaching, it has to change by next season. With youth and talent at the skill positions (Thomas, Cargill, Hart, Witt, and the freshman WR, #4, whose name escapes me) Yale can compete for an Ivy title, but not without a dominate offensive line. Either, get them stronger and more agile, coach them up, or recruit new ones.

6:48 PM 

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