Saturday, December 27, 2008

Addazio staying with Gators

Former Cheshire High coach Steve Addazio is the latest candidate to decide to stay where he is rather than remain in contention for the vacant Yale football job.

On Saturday night the University of Florida released a statement with the news that Addazio has been named Florida's offensive coordinator.

I first saw the report in the Palm Beach Post but expect it to be up on the Florida web site and reported by the other media outlets who cover Florida shortly.

Addazio joins UMass coach Don Brown and Holy Cross coach Tom Gilmore as candidates who interviewed for the Yale job only to opt to remain where they are. There has been little news on the other candidate brought in to interview for the job (Jacksonville Jaguars defensive assistant Tom Williams). With the NFL regular season coming to an end tomorrow, don't be stunned if Yale turns its attention to other NFL assistant coaches.

Addazio led Cheshire the state titles in his last three seasons with the Rams. He won his last 34 games, beginning a win streak which would reach a state record 49 before leaving to become an assistant coach at Syracuse. Stints at Indiana, Notre Dame and most recently Florida. Addazio, the offensive line coach with the Gators, was named the assistant head coach by Florida coach Urban Meyer this season.

Addazio now replaces Dan Mullen, who was named the head coach at Mississippi State earlier this month. Mullen will be working with Meyer, Addazio and the rest of the Florida offensive coaching staff to devise the game plan for the Jan. 8 national championship game against Oklahoma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale has caused this situation themselves.They have created a bureaucratic interview process-4 separate commmittees-which interview candidates-including players,alumni,members of the athletic dept and interested parties.They then forward views to AD Beckett.Bureaucratic democracies
send a bad signal to a prospective coach.Who will he actually report?Most prospective coaches are interviewed by the AD(Beckett)amnd the school President.But not at Yale.They want to be democratically inclusive.How silly!
Yale is the only school among 28 schools that has not found an a head Football coach since letting its coach retire after the Harvard shutout.How embarrassing!!!!!

11:19 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have botched this search, no doubt

11:24 PM 

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