Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yale-Harvard bands

One of the special things about The Game is the fact Yale and Harvard do so much together leading up to the event.

When the Yale and Harvard bands play the National Anthem together, it is one of the more imressive sites in sports' pregames.

The Bowl is starting fill up a little now, still 5 minutes before kickoff.

It will take until 5 minutes left in the third to see this place start to fill to capacity.

Key early for Yale is establishing some of the run game. Obvious, I know, but remember last year when Yale defense stuffed Clifton Dawson on first two plays of game. That really set tone for the game and the Yale defense seemed to ride that adrenaline rush.

Harvard can get the same feeling if it stops McLeod early for losses on the first drive.

Senior class was just introduced.

No matter the outcome of this game, this class has done a tremendous amount to restore the pride of the program.


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