Saturday, November 17, 2007

We're here

Well, there was traffic backed up at 9 a.m., on 95 South (only in Connecticut would you have construction and lanes closed on such a big day, albeit two exits after the Bowl exit), along Route 10 and on Route 34.

Cut through 122 across 34.

Looking out the back of the press box now you can see cars and people everywhere, while taking in the aroma of charcoal grills.

Forget Iowa, this might be heaven today.

They are selling standing room only tickets now.

My hope is the houses you can see in the northeast corner of the Bowl disappear by halftime.

A swarm of yellow-coated security guards are combing the Bowl.

No orange paint this year.

There has been 24 hour security here since Wednesday and the lights have been on as well throughout.

I still wouldn't put it by MIT to pull something off.

Tom Pepe and his crew did another marvelous job of setting up the field with the HY.

People are starting to file in.

We'll be blogging all day


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