Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Tuesday notes

-- Harvard coach Tim Murphy had the quote of the day. He was asked about the similarities between the two teams and responded: "There are none. Yale has all the stars. We've just got a bunch of guys who have worked really hard to get where they are."

If you think about it, hardly anyone in Boston has paid attention to Harvard. Not with the Red Sox winning the World Series, the fast start of the Patriots, the Big Three with the Celtics and Boston College moving up to No. 2 in the polls before its loss.

-- Yale officials are talking about the possibility of 100,000 people in the area of the Bowl, including tailgators, who don't find their way into the Bowl.

-- Walked into the Bowl today for a video we're doing with Brandt Hollander and Matt Polhemus. Tom Pepe and his staff were putting the second coat of paint onto the field. It looks sharp as always. That video should be up on Thursday on our web site.

The field itself was a bit soggy, but seems to have held the rain pretty well. The big test is Thursday when it's supposed to pour. But it is supposed to be windy Friday, so hopefully it will dry up. Early weather forecast for Saturday is partly sunny and 45.

-- We'll have a story on the 1960 team in Wednesday's paper.
Bob Blanchard, the fullback and leading rusher on the team was there along with Dave Ryan, an end and 1960 letterman; and Bob Jacunski, who was a sophomore end were all at the Bowl for a photo shoot we had.

It was really pretty enjoyable to watch them interact with Matt and Brandt and share stories. Obviously the game has changed a lot in 47 years, but the core of it is the same, and that was evident listening to them speak.

-- SID Steve Conn was not sure of the total number of media passes requested, but did note it was by far the most he's received since he's been there.

-- ESPN was at Yale filming players for its Game Day segment Saturday.


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