Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yale Bowl may be receiving more restorations

NEW HAVEN >> The Yale Bowl, rich in history and tradition and on the national historic landmark registry, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.
But despite a $30-million restoration project just nine years ago, its age is clearly showing, especially on the interior. Paint is chipping. Cement is spalling and the wooden seats are splintered.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear some comments from Beckett and some details for work/plans that have already been made.

Let's be honest. The interior of the Bowl is an eye sore. Better to rip out the wooden seats entirely than to let them remain the way they are. The moisture that the surface retains is one thing - but why can't the grass simply be mowed lower than ankle height? It is not fun to play on a surface that you can't trust your footing on, even in the off chance that it actually helps Yale catch a break in the course of a game. Finally, we all know that the Bowl will not see attendances of more than 40k more than once every other year. Want to save money on repairs? Extend the tarps that have been put in place in the end zones all the way to the top of the Bowl. Slap a Yale 'Y' on the tarps or a Bulldog logo, and this actually would look really cool.

I could go on about the state of the Bowl forever.. I will stop now.

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Anonymous mark said...

Great article. Many seats are bad, but except for the Harvard game, you can always find a good plank. But any improvements would surely be welcome. Loosing natural grass would be a shame, but the experts know best. I'm so glad the preservation of The Bowl is no longer being neglected. As many times as I've been there, and I haven't missed a game in years, going there is still a thrill... one of my favorite places on earth.

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