Friday, July 11, 2014

Yale's new walk-on QB

Lambie Lanman starred at QB at Los Altos High in Calif. He will be a walk-on at Yale this season. Here is a story on Lanman from the Los Altos Town Crier.

Also, some have asked about what the Yale players are doing now that they are on campus. There are around 80 players that have arrived at Yale early.
I spoke to one player and he said most are taking classes and have internships. He explained that the team is in the heart of its offseason strength and conditioning program. Everyone, he says, looks visibly bigger, stronger and faster. The team is holding meetings a few times per week to watch film with position groups and the skill guys are going through 7-on-7 drills.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a walk-on is Lanman a freebie or does he "count" against Yale's quota?

10:14 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plenty of walk on space available. Reno kicked 15 off the team who were slotted. More the merrier.

3:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are the fifteen that 3:18 claims were kicked off the team, what does he mean by "slotted, and would someone reliable answer the question I posted as 10:14?"

3:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any word on Jackson Ligouri coming back to the team?

6:08 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:18 as noted you pathetic twit, Those who are no longer on the team.Did so on their own accord.

2:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these so called football players were they kicked off befour the summer work outs or last year?

6:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reno has slowly weeded kids off the team because he thinks he a recruiting guru with all the answers. Tough way to do business.He thought he fooled the league with Roberts the daunted Clemson stud QB who can't play at all.

11:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are so toxic,?What is your problem.? To talk about a kid like that. Whitelaw or any other player that quir .You quit you are not relevent to this team.
Your are nothing but a cancer
Have a good night.

11:13 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:01 does this to elicit that type of response 11:13. Although he is pathetic, you took his bate. Kids are weeded off of teams in every university every year. College sports, and especially competitive college football is NOT for everyone. You have to be able to deal with many many things to survive, including coaching change and change of vision of a program, all players do.

Kids like Jackson Liguori and others like him leave rosters on their own accord every single year. Roberts didn’t get in to Clemson because someone likes him, he can play. The level of success here or what he can do for Yale is still yet to be determined. Bottom line is until this current season pans out, there isn’t much to be said about Reno’s measures and decisions except that they work. 2-8, to 5-5 is a steady incline. Save your barbs until the END of this upcoming season.

10:16 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how Yale's coaches come on these sites and defend themselves anonymously. I'm guessing alot of ex players are leading the charge against Reno.

11:42 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not an ex-coach 11:42AM, just a new member this spring to the Yale football community who will be weighing in from time to time.

What is amazing and quite surprising though are the uneducated haters on this blog that can do nothing but bash the program, Reno, and the current players on the roster. I won’t make a judgment as to who they may be…but it is interesting to see you here.

Maybe that is the way things are here though. As an interested and educated new comer I’m curious to see the way things will progress.

To start though I am all positive about the program and state of things, until anyone or anything gives me reason to be otherwise. GO BULLDOGS…!!!

1:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh 1 more month till preseason.I can not wait to see Everyone. Working towards a great season,sounds like a large group of lads are already busy. Which I like to hear,best of look to every single one you. I Have Missed you...
Sincerely Jon Harris

2:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying I am not a coach, a relative of a coach, or a creditor of either.
Thank you 10;16, and welcome 1:14.
Yes, it can be unsettling when a program is on the upswing as are heavyweight crew and football. Both Coach Gladstone and Coach Reno have two recruiting classes under their belts, and the changes are obvious. Expectations are higher, and that's the way it must be if there's to be improvement which Coach Gladstone sees as a product of better, more committed athletes competing for a limited number of seats in the boat.
It might be nice if it were otherwise, but there is no tenure in sports and little in life.
To suggest that Coach Reno is a meanie throwing deserving players off the team is absurd. That kind of behavior would alienate the entire squad.
What's happening is what happened to me. It became blindingly apparent to me that I was not destined to play, let alone star, in the Bowl. Wish I had, but, hey, Yale offers a lot.

3:49 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Wilmot quit for personal reasons....

11:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all of the Bulldog fans, I hope Coach Reno gets it right this year at the QB spot. He has made a mess of the most important position on the field the last 2 years. Great coaches should know how not only to spot and recruit talent but to develop it within your system. Two years ago, he gave the starting position to Eric Williams, a highly touted QB over 3 junior QBs. Eric was given the job over Whitelaw, Furman, and Russell, and everyone knew it. (Eric is now playing wide out as a junior) Coach Reno also told Furman to play wide out and instead of bringing back to play QB when Whitelaw decided not to play, Furman stayed at QB until all of the other QBs were injured (Williams, Scott and Russell). Williams started out fine but then struggled miserably. He had difficulty reading defenses, held the ball too long and took an unnecessary pounding. (And, he should have never played injured against Brown.) Coach Reno should have known that it takes time for freshmen to get used to college academically, the speed of the game, to get stronger, and to learn not only the playbook but to read defenses pre and post snap. Had Eric been developed properly such as under the old Boston College model (two drives per game to learn at the college level), we might be seeing this year his full potential. Not a good move. Then last year, Coach Reno gave the starting job before camp started to Morgan Roberts over the other QBs on the roster. Roberts has a great arm and good speed but struggled reading defenses all year, and threw interceptions at the worst time. Coach Reno had to use Furman, who played pretty well, and Reno gave Russell (who played well in Penn game the year before) not shot at all.. This brings me to this year. I hope for Yale football fans that Reno doesn’t pull the plug on Scott and Roberts for yet another freshman phenom. Freshman QBs need time to develop. It is rare that any freshman can show up in college and make an impact especially QBs. Reno should have known that other teams would find the weakness of the young QBs and set the defense around those weaknesses. You can run a 4.4 and throw the ball 60 yards on rope but it doesn’t matter if you are throwing to the wrong guy and you misread the coverages. Has Reno finally figured it out?

1:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scary part is having a coordinator who is not a QB coach and has never called a live play before in a game.

1:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting info from you 1:11PM. Although some of your points seem opinionated and emotional, you seem like you are at least partially “in the know”. Definitely some valid points made here though, particularly the one about the coordinator. This is a valid concern and I hope that he concentrates on just being productive and doing things within the means of his players. If he doesn’t know how to properly use our players and manage and make crucial calls then we are in trouble from the jump.

As far as the QB situation goes it would be nice to have a proven upperclassmen QB that has talents and can do everything. The reality though is that this is somewhat of a rarity.

You cannot put too much stock on a kid’s class or age, especially not in the Ivy League where players do not usually red-shirt. If you have a young QB that is of equal or better talent than older players on the roster you definitely need to entertain playing him over the older player. The job of the coordinator is to get things done offensively and do the best job of utilizing what that the young QB has to offer until they hone their skills better.

Never should the coordinator over extend the duties of the QB regardless of their age; but especially if they are young. Developing some type of running game is something that is a necessity in the game of football. There needs to be some type of threat to open up the pass if you want to be successful. That is unless you run a Texas Tech or Univ. of Houston style offense or you have Andrew Luck or Teddy Bridgewater sitting back in the pocket. Again, not many do.

If Vergara is healthy, or Keyes can be a good 2nd option and the O-Line comes together and we can run the ball then there is time to be able to either use the QB that gives us the best upside on play and system potential; or package 1 or 2 guys together to get the offense navigated. This is done readily on the college level when the situation presents itself. However there has to be a solid run game. And it has to be properly facilitated by the staff and coordinators; which consists of correct decisions being made, correct play has to be called, and then of course players have to execute & produce.

Regardless of the class you don’t want to put a kid in the pocket and have him throw 40 times a game out there. You have to set him up for success and you have to be able to have a running game to compliment the passing game. But to put too much stock in the class of the QB is futile. If he can manage the game, protect the ball, has something to offer (like that 4.4 speed you speak of, especially since Reno wants to run the QB), and can move the sticks, then play him freshman or not.

For those of you who actually know your Ivy League Quinn Epperly from Princeton became the first freshman to start at Princeton in 12 years when he started as a freshman and played the majority of the minutes at QB since and was first team All-ivy this year as a junior. Dalyn Williams from Dartmouth played as a freshman (HM All-Ivy). Patrick Donnelly from Brown played for 3 years also. So it is not only being done all over the country, but in the teams that finished in front of us in the league. You have to get your best players on the field ASAP; you just have to make sure you do it correctly. The last 2 Heisman trophy winners were true and RS freshman QB’s.

2:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale's issue at QB is not having a system. They have no identity on offense and now they have a new coordinator who is going to create his system based on trial and error. Experience at the position with a new coordinator would help.

5:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would disagree. I think there is a system. I believe the system that Reno prefers consists of the QB being able to be a running threat and make the “necessary throws”. Once that happens with a good running game things open up. Yet without the QB that can be somewhat of a running threat there can always be 8 in the box and force the offense to be out of their comfort zone.

I would assume the new coordinator is being told what the premise of the offense is and what Reno’s vision of things is as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone put things to work.

5:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They haven't had a true runner at QB yet. QB running the ball means he will get injured so really you need a few dual threat qbs.

10:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reno doesn't know anything about offense. Conlin is running it.

12:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you 10:34 PM and with some of what you said as well 2:56 PM. If you are going to run the QB he is prone to be injured, if you overdue it. This highlights the importance of a running game and the QB being accurate on the throws he has to make. There has to be a threat to keep the defense honest. Having a dual QB system can and would work if you have the right people doing it and they can get things done. Offense has to work as a unit as the defense does to be successful.

There are currently 8 QB’s on the roster. From the looks of the footage available on the new comers it looks like there are a few that can run. Looking forward to see their impact.

Considering that Conlin is new OC we’ll see how much he knows about offense. And what he can do with the pieces he has.

12:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Williams should not have started as a freshmen a clear mistake now realized by Reno. Whitlaw was a crybaby who now and for years after will regret his decision to quit the team. The spread offense run by yale is not that complicated it is the ability to make a quick decision on whether to keep the ball or not which is important. Most of the incoming freshmen QB have been using the spread from pop warner football and are ready to play assuming they acclimate to the speed of the game.

3:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so....who is the fastest QB we have?

3:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think we know who the fastest QB we have currently have yet is. At least not until all of them get to camp and run 40's and some of the QB run plays. From the looks of things some of those freshman QB's look like they have some real good speed.


10:12 AM 

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